Best portable Mario games (DS, DSi, 3DS)

   The DS game came out in 2006 with a goal to re-amp the Super Mario Bros. series with an all new game. It came with new and memorable power-ups, such as the mega mushroom, the mini mushroom, and the blue turtle shell. It's loads of fun to play on the go, and the best of the New Super Mario Bros. series in my opinion.

Grant's comment: Plus this game is becoming harder to find and is almost a collectors item. The price at a retail store still holds at around $30 for the game new. Check out the website over at Nintendo.

   The N64 classic Super Mario 64 came to the newly announced Nintendo DS at the time, and was an instant hit. Settle changes were made to the game, such as a vs. mode, a rec room where you could play minigames (also found in New Super Mario Bros.), and the ability to play as Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario, all with difftrent powers. It as well could be the best 3D portable Mario game of all time.

Super Mario 3D Land came as a launch title for the new 3DS, bringing back the feel of the 2D platforming game and the 3D view of Super Mario Galaxy. It brought back the Tanooki suit and some new power ups such as the Statue Leaf only found in the special worlds, and the boomerang suit. 16 worlds to complete, and Luigi joining Mario on his adventure, awesome Bower battles, Mystery Boxes you can get using Streetpass and Spotpass, this game leaves the player with much to do. Check the website over at Nintendo.

   Mario Kart 7 was also a launch title for the 3DS, with new powerups, customization, and new characters. It introduced characters like Metal Mario and Queen Bee to the players, new power ups like the Fire Flower and Power Leaf, and memorable courses like Music Park and a new Rainbow Road. This game introduced underwater physics and gliding. It also had great online features, such as communities. The game also came with local multiplayer, so it is a great party game. Check the website over at Nintendo.

What are your favorite DS, DSi or 3DS Mario game?