Mario Kart 8 Newcomers: The Koopalings

The Koopalings decide to take a break from their castles
Bowser's not well known children (the Koopalings, or Koopa Kids) are newcomers to the Mario Kart 8 and were announced for the Mario Kart series in Nintendo Direct 2.13.14. All 7 Koopalings are in the game: Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig. Bowser Jr, the most known of Bowser's children wasn't seen in the trailer and not announced as a racer yet, but he might be because he was in the Mario Kart Wii roaster. We see 3 new courses and 3 classic courses in this trailer such as Shy Guy Falls (as shown above) and Music Park as a classic course from Mario Kart 7. We don't know what characters will be removed from Mario Kart, but it's safe to assume Wiggler is not going to be a racer this time around because Yoshi is riding a kart shaped like a Wiggler in the trailer. Besides these little details, the trailer shows off much more, so I recommend you watch it.

Watch the full Nintendo Direct 2.13.14 below: