Super Smash Bros: Pokemon and more...

Screenshots, announcements, and more!

No new characters were announced this week.

Miiverse Screenshots
In these screenshots, it shows Lucario charging up his standard special attack, the Aura Sphere in the Wii Fit stage on Wii U. The above and below images show the Aura Sphere at it's weakest and strongest states. The attack is stronger and faster when the sphere is bigger, as Sakurai mentions in his Miiverse post.

In this screenshot, it shows Lucario and Luigi both in the air, Luigi jumping and Lucario doing one of his attacks. When Lucario shoots out Aura from it's hands to fly with ExtremeSpeed, you can control it's flight direction. If Lucario's Aura is fully charged, it can fly extremely far, Sakurai explains.

In this screenshot, we see Lucario with a much bigger Pokémon named Palkia in the Super Mario Galaxy stage on Wii U. Palkia came out of a Poke Ball item in-game. The screenshot shows Palkia's signature move, Spacial Rend.

In this screenshot, Rosalina seems to be doing a upper attack in the Metroid: Prime stage on Wii U.
Rosalina's upper attack in this picture has a trail of the cosmos and a galaxy beneth Rosalina's gown. This screenshot, to me, shows how much detail the Smash Bros. team and Sakurai are putting into the game.
In this screenshot, it shows the new Assist Trophy Mother Brain from the Metroid series, on the Metroid stage on Wii U. As shown here, Mother Brain is shooting lasers from it's eyes, called the Laser Brain Attack.

New Moves
Aura Sphere (standard special attack- Lucario)
ExtremeSpeed (unknown type attack- Lucario)
Assist Trophy
Mother Brain (Metroid)
Poke Ball (confirmed)
Known Pokémon