CoroCoro Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Leak August 2014

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums, and this batch showcases more information about the upcoming games Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

  •  This reveals 3 new Mega Evolutions.
  • First, Mega Altaria, who is Dragon/Fairy with the ability Pixilate, 
  • Mega Lopunny who is Normal/Fighting with the ability Scrappy, and now knows the move High Jump Kick. 
  • And lastly, Mega Salamence with the ability Aerilate.
  • It also reveals something I expected and predicted about the Pikachu costumes. It's confirmed that you can use your cosplay Pikachu for battles, and the costume even plays a role in what moves your Pikachu can learn. When you change your Pikachu's cosplay for contests, it gets special moves. Pikachu Rock Star knows Meteor Mash, Pikachu Ph. D. knows Electric Terrain, Pikachu Pop Star knows Draining Kiss, and Pikachu Belle knows Icicle Crash and Pikachu Libre knows Flying Press.

  •    A new character to Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire was revealed, a contest Idol called Lucia, and what she will do is give you special clothes for participating in Pokémon Contests. This might confirm customizable outfits.

  • You could also receive a shiny Beldum through an event, where it holds Metagross's Mega Stone. It's not confirmed for the US or anywhere else besides Japan for now, but it sounds like an interesting first even for Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire.

What do you think about the leaks and the new Megas? Are you excited for Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire? Leave a comment below.