Cryptocurrencies Pt. 2

When I made the article:

Litecoin's price was at an astounding $23. And at this time I had only Ether and about $50 of it. I sold my Ether and decided to invest in Litecoin on September 18th when it was priced at $54.48. Now, 3 months later, Litecoin is now priced at an absurd $378 (when I'm writing this). Since last month the price of Litecoin increased by 416%. When I bought that $50 of Litecoin I never expected to make more than $50 back. But now, after only 3 months of waiting, I have made over $220 while just sitting back and maxin', relaxin', all cool just shootin' some b-ball out by the school.
Just think of the opportunities if I had invested more than just $50. What if I had invested $100; $500; $1000? The ability to make money off this relatively new market is tremendous. I will continue to follow the journey of my $50 until I sell it sometime in the future for, hopefully, millions.

Have you bought cryptocurrency before? What are your experiences? Comment down below.