Download Windows Virtual Machine Images

  • Saturday, April 30, 2016
  • By Grant Fitzsimmons

Download Windows Virtual Machine Images

Microsoft has released free and legal Windows virtual machine images that run for 90 days until they expire. If you are a developer or want to test a program, these virtual machine images are perfect!

Virtualization Software Supported: VirtualBox, VMware, Parallels, VPC, or HyperV.

From Microsoft:
Test Microsoft Edge and versions of IE6 through IE11 using free virtual machines you download and manage locally.

Windows XP: (Hosted on

IE 6 on XP:

Windows Vista: (Hosted on
IE 7 on Vista:
Windows 7: (Hosted by Microsoft)

IE 8 on Windows 7:
IE 9 on Windows 7:
IE 10 on Windows 7:
IE 11 on Windows 7:
Windows 8.1: (Hosted by Microsoft)

IE 11 on Windows 8.1:

Windows 10: (Hosted by Microsoft)
IE 11 on Windows 10:
IE 11 on Windows 10 Preview:


If any of the above links break, try the original websites. This was compiled to make it easier to download these images quickly.

Original Links:
Microsoft Development Center - Microsoft Edge VMs - Modern IE VMs

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