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Elementary OS: An Average Users Review

As someone who uses macOS and Windows very often and Ubuntu sparingly, I figured it was time for me to find out what I was missing out on. Questions about Windows 10 security and my love for open-source programs led me to install Elementary OS, a popular GNU/Linux distribution. It is completely open-source and relies on user donations to stay afloat. This version of Elementary OS is 0.4.1 Loki, released May 17, 2017. The developers behind this operating system are firmly against ads, tracking, and create many different pieces of open-source software. Please note that I will not be using the terminal or anything any Linux power-user would use, as I wanted to use this as a grandmother or child would, Email, web browsing, music, and other simple things.
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My Ideal Apple Product Lineup

Apple's latest lineup of products is more mixed up than ever, and to celebrate the new iPad Pros, Mac mini, and MacBook Air, I have created a compilation of the current Apple Product lineup as well as my ideal lineup. Some of these suggestions may be unrealistic, but Apple fans can only dream. First, lets look at the actual lineup.

Apple Product Lineup (November 2018)

iPad:iPad mini (2015) - starts at $399
iPad 6th Generation (2018) - starts at $329
iPad Pro 10.5-inch (2017) - starts at $649
iPad Pro 11-inch (2018) - starts at $799
iPad Pro 12-inch (2018) - starts at $999
iPhone:iPhone 7 (2016) - starts at $449
iPhone 8 (2017) - starts at $599
iPhone 8 Plus (2017) - starts at $699
iPhone XR (2018) - starts at $749
iPhone XS (2018) - starts at $999
iPhone XS Max (2018) - starts at $1,099
iPod:iPod Touch 6th Generation (2015) - starts at $199
Mac:Mac mini (2018) - starts at $799
MacBook (2017) - starts at $1,299
MacBook Air (2017) - starts at $1,000
MacBook Air with Retina display (2018) - starts at…

Cryptocurrencies Pt. 2

When I made the article:The Intoxicating and Precarious World of Cryptocurrencies Litecoin's price was at an astounding $23. And at this time I had only Ether and about $50 of it. I sold my Ether and decided to invest in Litecoin on September 18th when it was priced at $54.48. Now, 3 months later, Litecoin is now priced at an absurd $378 (when I'm writing this). Since last month the price of Litecoin increased by 416%. When I bought that $50 of Litecoin I never expected to make more than $50 back. But now, after only 3 months of waiting, I have made over $220 while just sitting back and maxin', relaxin', all cool just shootin' some b-ball out by the school. Just think of the opportunities if I had invested more than just $50. What if I had invested $100; $500; $1000? The ability to make money off this relatively new market is tremendous. I will continue to follow the journey of my $50 until I sell it sometime in the future for, hopefully, millions.
Have you bought cr…

Download iOS 11 Beta 2, watchOS 4, macOS High Sierra, and more

This guide will show you how to install the iOS 11 Beta Profile on your device.
iOS Beta Profile: Download
watchOS Beta Profile:Download
tvOS Beta Profile: Download
macOS Beta Profile: Download
Source: Apple Betas Download Center
Scroll until you find the iOS Beta Profile and click the blue Download button.

Now a prompt will appear, click iPhone if the iOS Beta Software Profile is selected. If you want the watchOS Beta Software, download that instead.

Tap Install in the Settings app, then enter your passcode to continue.

Agree to the iOS Beta message from Apple so the process can be completed.

Now restart your device and check for updates! You should now see the iOS 11 beta software available for download.

The Next 12 Months of Apple Products - Foxconn Insider Leaks

A group of Foxconn insiders (people directly involved with Apple's manufacturing of products) hosted an AMA on Reddit only days before WWDC begins. These claims have been verified and come directly from workers in close ties with Apple's manufacturing branches. Please note however that these responses are gathered directly from a team of workers not completely aware of every product or change that will occur in the future.

Original Reddit AMA Thread - Link
iPhone XProduction delayed. Fingerprint sensor under front glass. No sensor on backCurrent leaked dummy models with rear Touch ID and another with steel bezels, are both false. Reports of models with rear Touch ID, but nothing concrete. "Out team thinks the previous design + camera authentication is more likely."Rear Touch ID rumors are misinformation by AppleWill look similar to current iPhone 7, but less bezels on top and bottom of display. Will use more glass. New Touch ID moduleBezels will be uniform acr…

WWDC 2017 Predictions

WWDC 2017 Predictions WWDC is coming up in less than 20 days, so here is my yearly prediction list. I feel like this year the updates will be focused on polish rather than on important feature announcements, but here we go.

1. iOS 11 Announcement 
iOS 11 is set to bring big changes to iOS. It will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and this update will have to make waves to keep the iPhone interesting into 2018, especially with the attractiveness of Samsung's Galaxy S8 and increasing software competition with the Android operating system.

Dark Mode Just like my prediction in 2016, I believe this will finally include the dark mode. The code has been inside of iOS 10 the entire time, unfinished of course, and a major upgrade of iOS would be the perfect opportunity to release such a large new feature.
Control Center and Notification Center Updates Once again, both of these categories will be updated and need to improve on the changes iOS 10 brought to the table. The iOS 10 control c…

Vector Logo

Raster Logo (PNG)
Vectorized Logo (SVG)
   After almost 5 years, I have finally transitioned to using the mostly superior and infinitely scaleable file format of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic). The format is an open standard that has been developed since 1999 and at this point over 98% of Fitzsimmons Weekly traffic arrives from browsers that support the format. At this moment, the logo is hosted by, but hopefully in the future it will be onsite exclusively. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if there is an issue.

The Intoxicating and Precarious World of Cryptocurrencies

You've heard of Bitcoin, but you might not know what it is or exactly what it does or how it works. Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency, a virtual currency that is protected by cryptography. Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency, the list of cryptocurrencies ranges from Bitcoin to Potcoin. The currency I'd like to focus on in this article is Ethereum a relatively new cryptocurrency and one I have invested in. Cryptocurrency investing is an inordinately fun hobby to get in to, and a simple one at that. A good program to use to get started buying and selling is Coinbase (

       Coinbase allows you to see prices rise and fall, buy and sell, keep track of your inventory, and trade with other people who have Coinbase. It provides a good starting point for newbie investors, and it hooked me almost instantly. I decided to start small and only bought $10 of Etherum and see how it goes from there. The cryptocurrency market doesn't close like the NYSE so …