Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hackintosh Boot Flags

In the Boot Args section of Clover, enter the boot flags.
If this is your first time building or making a Hackintosh, boot flags may seem like a foreign concept. Once you understand what each of them means, you can get started!

Clover Boot Flags:

An example of verbose mode. When the computer hangs (stops), the last message you see is the message you should search to find a solution. 
Verbose Mode:
Safe Mode:
Single User Mode:
 Zone Postponing: (use if hanging)
Single CPU core mode:
No Kext Cache Mode: (When changing kexts)
Disables VT-x or VT-d:
Verbose Mode:
Enable NVIDIA Web Drivers: (do not use with nv_disable=1)
Disable NVIDIA graphics cards: (do not use with nvda_drv=1)
Kext Dev Mode:
Rootless Mode: 
If you're stuck at [PCI Configuration Began]:
Set Maximum Memory (RAM): (In megabytes)


If you are having any trouble, first try this string. It works on a lot of systems with Intel HD Graphics to get into the OS X Installer from a Unibeast USB.

 -v -x -s -no-zp 

If you have an NVIDIA Desktop GPU, use this string to boot into the installer:

 -v -x -s nv_disable=1 

If all else fails, or you don't know where to start, use this string:

 -v -x -s -f cpus=1 maxmem=4096 nv_disable=1 -no-zp 

If you have an NVIDIA Desktop GPU and you've installed NVIDIA Web Drivers (Link), use this string:

 -v nvda_drv=1  + your bootflags (do not use nv_disable=1)

Common Issues:

If in verbose mode, a message about [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed or something similar appears, it normally has to do with a graphics issue. If you have an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, use nv_disable=1 and it should boot. Otherwise, boot into safe mode.

Comment any issues you have and I could recommend you a set of bootflags to use!
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  1. Hi i have an gtx 960 and crash right after the [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed

    but nv_disable=1 doesn't help the problem and i can't install nvidia drivers from safe mode, what to do? :o

  2. After days of trying every possible thing I could think of, as well as every proposed solution I could find online, I chanced upon this page, and the "nv_disable=1" flag managed to compensate for my nvidia gt-730 card (for which I could find no suitable driver), and now I'm able to boot into Mavericks, . . . FINALLY ! THANK YOU ! Mel.

  3. what is "reason=Mac-F22788A9" can bootflags changing cure it???