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Submission by Gerald Brewer: Splatoon Sales Predictions

by: Gerald Brewer
According to the advertizement of Splatoon, the rate of online fans, and the people craving the game after the global test fire's the sales rate of Splatoon will drop every year by 20%. But it will start at selling for 30% of the of Nintendo company sales. But at the end of 2018 it will still be selling for 10.5% of Nintendo sales through the year. The rate of hardcore fans of Splatoon will not fall like the numbers because they will already have the game. None of this matters if the dedicated fans can keep it alive and ask for a sequel.

USB-C: What Follows

Originally posted on: March 13, 2015 at 4:03 PM

A simple explanation on USB 3.1 with the USB-C connecter would be that the transfer and data speeds will increase significantly. Within 5 years, I expect the adoption of this new port to increase with the growth of devices that support this system. It can output your display, power your device, transfer files, and do about everything it used to take several ports to do. The downside is that with new devices such as the Macbook and Chromebook Pixel that only have one port of USB-C, you will need an extender or USB-C dock. Since the design for USB-C was only finalized earlier this month, the adoption is expected to take off once enough of these cords are brought into the consumers homes and hands.

This port is designed to be a do-all port for:
Charging (similar to the previous USB devices) Outputting media (a replacement to HDMI and VGA) Transferring files (similar to the previous USB devices.) Receiving internet (an alternative to ethernet…