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Apple's Continuity Crisis

Apple announced the new MacBook Pro today with an impressive new design, feature-set, and the first Thunderbolt 3 connector on any Mac so far. However, many questionable choices were also made when the new base model's US cost is $1,499 opposed to the previous years price of $1,299. 
I. Colors
The new MacBook Pro features two color options, Space Gray and Silver. The iPhone 7 no longer has the Space Gray color choice, instead going for a matte black color instead. This immediately separates the products, whereas when the standard MacBook was announced in 2015 the iPhone 6 came in the same colors. This constant design continuity was a nice touch to compliment Apple products lying side by side. Hopefully a matte black MacBook Pro is released next year, however, I do not see this being probable due to the slow nature of Mac hardware updates in the previous 3 years.
II. Cables
The MacBook Pro 2016 baseline model features only 3 ports, 2 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports and a single 3.5mm hea…