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Girl Characters in Super Smash Bros. and in other video games

Female Marth and Male Marth- wait, not female Marth -Lucina!?
 As you might of heard, three Smash Bros. challengers emerged last Monday; Captain Falcon, Robin, and Female Marth (also known as Lucina). Not being a Fire Emblem fan, I was lost until the reveal of Captain Falcon. Was I watching the right video? Anyways, today I am going to be talking to you about Marth and Lucina- two of the same character, but in Fire Emblem very different. From what I heard from multiple sources is that Marth is the "hero king" and Lucina is the main antagonist Crom's daughter from the future in Fire Emblem Awakening, who just so happens to look very similar to Marth.

I have a problem with Lucina being in the game for more than a couple reasons. First, the reveal was one of the most anticipated reveals for this new game and we ended up getting a clone character, veteran, and a new character halve the people watching didn't know or care about, so that was a little depressing. Secondly, … coming August 6th

The new Poké will provide merchandise and exclusives to Pokémon fans around the US. The shop closed in 2008 due to the waivering popularity of the franchise, but the reboot comes hand in hand with the sudden surge if popularity since Black and White, and most notably, X and Y. It comes out slightly before the release of the next games in the series, remakes of two titles that had been released in 2003, Ruby and Sapphire. More news will be coming as the updates happen, so check back soon!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0 - Review

Since I'll be traveling, I decided a good review should come out. July 10th marked the release of the biggest Minecraft Pocket Edition update as of now. It introduced biomes, patterns of land that have different characteristics, caves, to make mining easier than what previously was avaliable, and new blocks including End portal blocks, planned to be usable in a future update. It has a key feature making it unstoppable, the infinite terrain generater, similar to the XBOX and PS4 editions, along with the classic PC version. This makes the game jump the ranks and carry separate blocks than the other versions, as it has blocks that aren't avaliable anywhere else. If you have the time and cash to play the game, you can grab it in the Google Play Store and the App Store, along with certain Amazon Store devices.

Watch with Us: New character reveal for Super Smash Bros.

A new character reveal for Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U is less than 24 hours away! Watch it live July 14th, 7AM PST and 9AM CST for America, Europe at 16:00 CEST, and July 15th 0:00 AEST in Australia. It will be a 3 minute long video showcasing the trailer. Who do you think will be announced?
— Carter Fitzsimmons (@TheCarterFitz) July 13, 2014