Mii Customization comes to Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U

Inspired by the pre-downloadable software StreetPass Mii Plaza and elements from Tomodachi Life clothing, Mii Fighters are confirmed to have custom clothing you can unlock for your Mii Fighter along with equipment and power-ups like the other playable characters. These clothing items include Tuxedos, Chef's Outfit, Futuristic Jumpsuit, and Football Uniforms, and also includes the option to cosplay as other characters, such as Samus and Meta Knight.
Choose between four options to customize your Mii Fighter; equipment, specials, headgear, and outfit. The headgear and outfit tabs are exclusive to the Mii Fighters. You can unlock different clothing for your Mii Fighter and dress them however you want. Some of the outfits are original Smash designs and some have taken inspiration from outfits from games Miis have previously been in. It's just a more complex palette swap, and it sets Miis apart from other characters, just what the Mii needs. 

I'm still wondering whether all characters will be represented in the form of a Mii costume. I would like to see a Pikachu hat or a Pokemon Trainer outfit, and I would love seeing a PAC-MAN hat or hoodie. But what do you think? Would you like to see a Mii costume? Leave a comment below.
This is just one of my Smash Bros. mode breakdown posts, and there will be more soon! Look forward to Smash Run and custom move sets this week!