Super Smash Bros. 3DS showcases Sound Test menu

Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, recently revealed more information on how the 3DS Sound Test menu. Sakurai had this to say on Miiverse:

The top screen on the 3DS version, displaying information on the
song "Ballad of the Goddess/ Ghirahim's Theme" from
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
"Pic of the day. The 3DS version has an excellent Sounds collection! The design looks nice for a sound test screen, doesn't it? The font color for the "Remix" text on remixed songs comes in pink or white. The pink ones are songs arranged for this version of Super Smash Bros., while the white ones are remixes made in earlier Smash Bros. games. This means there are reoccuring songs from past releases."

Sakurai also followed up his post with even more information:

Confirmed Songs so far, excluding Multi-Man Smash and Battle! (Trainer Battle) (Pokemon X and Y)

"Choose your songs and play with features on the bottom screen. You can listen to character voices, too. One of the new highlights for this feature is the "Play in Sleep Mode" option in the upper right. If you turn this on, you can listen to the tracks with your headphones even when your Nintendo 3DS is closed. The L and R Buttons will let you skip tracks. This means you can use it as a portable music player. Enjoy listening to the tracks you love by putting all songs in loop, shuffle, or selecting your favorite tracks!!"

"In Smash Run, the background music plays randomly from the songs you select from the track list. This means you can customize your own song lineup!! Usually each stage has two tracks-which makes for a lot of songs on its own-but as a bonus, we've added more songs for you to enjoy in Smash Run and in the Sounds area."

"By the way, here's another music announcement!! You can now listen to some of the tracks on the official website. We're planning to add more tracks a little at a time, so stay tuned."

The new tracks on the website include samples from Full Steam Ahead (Spirit Tracks), Battle! (Trainer Battle) (Pokemon X and Y), and Multi-Man Smash music tracks.

Listen to each below, and leave a comment below stating what you think about this update and these tracks
I'll be updating with new music every time a new track comes out, so check often. Also, you can listen to them here.