Japanese 3DS Demo SSB3DS

Zipzo - Smash Lord
DAY 1: Down below is a more thorough explanation of everything I talked about in this post down below.
DAY 2: Summary of everything he could note, and some of the pictures from Zipzo's wife: http://smashboards.com/threads/sorry-for-crashing-smashboards-im-zipzo-today-i-played-the-release-build-of-smash-4-ama.366574/#post-17488041

DAY 2 UPDATE: These screenshots were also taken showing Purple Pit, Pikmin and Alph, Fire Rosalina, Pink Diddy Kong, and Fox Wolf. It's interesting how when Olimar turns into Alph, he's no longer Olimar and Pikmin and the name changes as well. Does that possibly mean when Peach turns into Daisy, the name will change as well? And does this mean the other captains will be playable as well, such as Louie, Brittany, and Charlie?

Yet even more information about Smash Bros. was leaked, coming from demos of the final build and a here. I don't know what's accurate from the fake, but I hope this is real because PAC-MAN gaining accessories means Mrs. PAC-MAN to me.
bunch of other different sources. The leak tells about stages, more about characters we haven't seen playable in demos, and alternate costumes. The leaks and updates are

Here's what user Solidpit posted on Smashboards, with information from Zipzo and 2ch:

"From 2ch:

Olimar has Alph as a costume

Robin's hair model doesn't change. Only color changes.

Fox has a Wolf color scheme (possible the poster is confusing it with the black Fox from Brawl)


He can't rise with his tornado. Shuttle loop is like Dolphin Slash.

Down smash is the same speed, but potentially not as much knockback

Up air more recovery frames.

Meta Knight has Dark Meta Knight and Galacta Knight costumes.


Edit 2:

According to this, Fierce Deity Link is an alt and his face changes.

White tunic and Purple tunic confirmed for Link

Link's down air has less recovery frames, but doesn't have as much knockback.

Boomerang throwing animation is more reminiscent of how it used to look in Super Smash Bros. 64

Edit 3:

Black and purple Yoshi alts, but no white.

Edit 4:
This could be a J-Pop group.

Edit 5:

Charizard's up throw is seismic toss, similar to Kirby's throw.

Edit 6:

Costumes/colors atm (MOSTLY ALL RUMORS)

Peach: Fire Peach

Yoshi: Black, Purple (no white)

Link: Fierce Diety (may be full alt, face at least changes), White, Purple

Pit: No black color

Palutena: Viridi color

Olimar: Alph (full model change)

Meta Knight: Dark Meta, Galacta Knight

Fox: Wolf color (may just be Super Smash Bros. Brawl's alt black Fox)

Pikachu: Gold/Silver's Trainer Hat, X/Y's Trainer hat, Party hat

Charizard: Shiny form

Robin: His hair color changes, but not the model

Pac-Man: His color doesn't change, but he wears accessories.

NOTE: Mrs. PAC-MAN is not in the demo.

Edit 7:
There's a decent chance the stuff from 2ch is fake, so I won't update unless it seems reasonable. Saw something about a Rhythm Heaven stage, but I'm almost positive that's fake. I found confirmation of a Pictochat 2 stage though.

Edit 8:

Zipzo confirmed no Outset Toon Link (in the demo at least)"

The demo also shows off other alternate skins. Shiny Lucario is not coning back apparently, and the Peach alt of Daisy is also returning. For Little Mac, it seems, it has been reported he has an astounding 16 alts. 8 of which are different color gloves for his Wireframe alt.

It was also shown Shulk would have a jungle outfit, if this leak was true. His model looks different though, I point to this, over everything, to be completely fake.

These are screenshots and videos from the demo itself, so take a look.

Here's a video of that same pre-order event: the 3DS is hooked up to the TV. Does that mean that the 3DS version of Smash Bros. can hook up and play on the Wii U? 

Finally, if you are interested, the manual can be found here. This is a lot of information to absorb!

What do you think of this mini-leak? Take this with a grain of salt though, it's not confirmed, the demo has not yet came out. Leave a comment below telling me what you think about this small leak.

UPDATE: If you want a more thorough explanation on this load of news, the news, as it happened, straight from the source (with a few grammar corrections, edits, and censors from me), here it is, down below.

Post 1:
I just played Super Smash Bros. 3DS.
I will be more thorough later but right now.
Ledge snap SEVERELY nerfed. It feels like Melee ledge grab.
Meta Knight's up b is like Marth's up b. It hits people once and knocks them away and has an upward direction to it. His tornado still has a lot of hits but you can use it pretty easy because the hits are actually less frequent, but I don't know yet about it's priority. Pivot cancel is still in.

PAC-MAN is SLOW. Every single one of his aerials are kicks. His forward aerial is a double kick, his back air is like Mario. The thing that stood out about him is his utter sluggish-ness. His fall speed is like brawl. His run speed is slow. His forward b sends a pellet out in front of him, and then he turns in to classic pacman and boosts towards it. It's kind of like Greninja's shadow sneak attack except you can't time it.

Lucario is unchanged except his smash attacks feel MUCH faster.

Peach is unchanged except for her up aerial. It's now a rainbow, and it has an arched hitbox over the top of her head, she draws it with her hand.

Zelda has a white costume.
Sonic still dies pitifully if you end up in a spin without a jump.

Post 2:
Ike feels unchanged. I never had Ike as my main so I don't know the specifics, but his attacks were all the same general thing, nothing new I noticed.

PAC-MAN feels slow, but his attacks felt like they had a good hitbox, because he's round and his legs stretch when he kicks. He just felt really interesting to play, but I ended up using his aerials the most because of their hit boxes.

Peach's turnip pull speed is nerfed. She can still move in to float to do things like crown and nair. Her foward smash goes tennis club, golf club, and frying pan. I believe it's a set order now.

Post 3:
Shulk and Robin are playable in the demo.

Post 4:

Sonic's forward b snaps to the ground, and it is really fast now.
His Up air is like a scissor kick, has a way better hitbox than the twist kick attack.

Post 5:

Ledge stalling may be impossible now? If you drop from the ledge and jump back up, you will NOT grab it. It's like the ledge gains invulnerability to your grab for a certain time after you let go. DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT. I am not 100% sure I need to try it again on my 2nd go around but in my last match I basically lived on the ledge trying this out.

I could no re-grab the ledge directly after letting go and jumping back in to obvious grab range.

Post 6:

Someone's question: Are the blast zones still set very far out?
Yes. Characters even go bubble status on battlefield without dying.

Post 7:

Palutena's smash reach is incredible. Her up smash is the giant pillar laser beam thing. Her side smash moves a bit forward and her wings slap in front of her.

Robin is FANTASTIC. Magic is not slow, when he/she has his spell book his or her attack speed is really good. If you use a smash attack in the air IT USES HIS MAGIC SMASHES. If you use a normal aerial it uses his or her other weapon. Robin feels AMAZING.

Post 8:

Lucina is not playable. Chrom appears in Robin's victory pose. They are really tight on pictures and video. I almost got kicked out for trying. Anyway, Villager's up b is the most overpowered recovery I've ever seen. Whoever is worried about combos, there are combos.You can cancel run with shield.

Post 9: Waiting.

Post 10(From Reddit):

Shulk has amazing spacing options because his Monado reaches so darn far. The game still has a sense of floatiness to it that is present in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's definitely not like Super Smash Bros. Melee where you drop like bricks.

Shield rolling is extremely fast and there's a neat little sparkle star effect when you do it and acting out of shield is as well. I think of it like a mini-wave dash, no wave dashing or l-cancelling.

Post 11(From Reddit):

PAC-MAN's forward a is a combo like Marth's except with punches.

His down aerial is like Lucario's, except he kicks 2 to 3 more times.

Post 12 (From Reddit):

Peach's forward B has BARELY any startup time anymore (the butt slam) It felt REALLY FAST.

Post 13:

Marth double fair is not possible.

Shulks second jump is a somersault. All his smash attacks have a strange millisecond-ish load-up time before they come out. The Monado powering up?

The ledge is DEFINITELY tougher to grab and there is no snap. Unfortunately, both Marth and Shulk flip for their 2nd jump so I could not test ledge re-grabbing within a short window of time because it waits for their flip animation to finish before actually grabbing.

Zero Suit Samus alts come in dark blue, really light blue (lighter than her normal costume) green, black, and red.

Post 14:

Peach's butt bomb is hugely buffed. It has barely any startup time anymore.

Link has a costume with like red markings under his eyes. It looks nothing like Link... But his eyes are whitened and has red markings and he's dark colored clothing. There's also a white and blue Link.

Toon link has the four swords colors + old style link color, the black with red eyes.

There is no Super Smash Bros. Melee dash dancing. It's incredibly hard to do with the circle pad but it's essentially the same thing as Super Smash Bros. Brawls... not super useful or practical.

Retesting ledge mechanics, I used Mega Man's this time and reaffirmed my experiences with Ike.
There is a short and small window of time after dropping from the ledge that the ledge becomes "immune" to your grab.

It was completely individually on the character. It is not very apparent on characters with flips for secondary jumps, as the ledge grab action waits for the flip to finish and the window for "ledge immunity" seems to end before the flip animation does. Mega Man and Ike do not have flips, and it was impossible for me to the ledge after jumping/falling off it for a period of time.

Post 15:

There is no Outset Island Toon Link costume.

Post 16:

Zelda's new phantom move doesn't hit a character right up in her grill. The phantom spawns a character away, so if your opponent is right up on you, the phantom will just spawn in front of them and whiff.

Post 17 (from Reddit):

Pikachu has a hat with sunglasses on the front costume (hat from Pokemon X and Y), and a fighter headband (red and black) (Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire headband?)

Mega Man has a green/orange costume, white/red costume, and a blue/white costume

Post 18:

Wolf deconfirmed: Fox has an alternate skin that looks exactly like Wolf: gray fur, purple eye device, and grayish clothing, and it's the only skin that changes foxes fur... This is only a color, NOT a costume.

 Bowser has a "No Bones" Costume (Dry Bowser I believe?)

Post 19:

Fierce Deity Link IS in... as a costume

PAC-MAN's costumes change his gloves and shoes (Note: no Mrs. PAC-MAN costume was shown in the demo, and I later got this confirmed:)

Zelda has no alternate costumes... only colors.
Pit's side b fist has a bad lag if you whiff, big KO power if you hit at higher percentage.

Post 20:

No Metal Sonic, only shades of Blue/One White skin.
Marth has an Orange Skin.

Post 21:

No Dry Bowser alt for Bowser... bummer.

SmashBoard mods are trying to get him to stop spoiling, gosh!

Post 22:
Super Smash Bros. 3DS Japan Pre-release Event- Gameplay Video

Post 23:
Super Smash Bros. 3DS Japan Pre-release Event- Character Select

Post 24:

Charizard alts are purple, yellow, red, and grey colors, and additionally, Mega Man also has a yellow alternate skin. Charizard can also be black as well.

Post 25:

When Palutena rolls she turns invisible, and it looks like she's teleporting

Kirby has a "unmasked Meta Knight " alternate skin.

Zero Suit Samus actually has a gray alt.

Post 26:

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