new Nintendo 3DS

During the Japan-only Nintendo Direct the new Nintendo 3DS was revealed, which is pretty big news.
The new Nintendo 3DS releases October 11th in Japan, yet Nintendo of America has not announced the console or it's release date yet, although it was said it would not come out this year.

 The new Nintendo 3DS will have it's own exclusive library of games that will not work with older models hardware, for example, Xenoblade Chronicles, originally made for the Wii, is being ported to the new Nintendo 3DS, being it's first game.

The new Nintendo 3DS will have improved hardware and specs to become much it's own separate console from the older models of the Nintendo 3DS. These upgrades include:
  • Faster CPU
  • Better 3D screen technology
  • MicroSD-slot instead of normal-sized SD-slot
  • Amiibo support
  • Two circle-pads instead of one
  • New buttons ZR and ZL
The models will have their own set of accessories- such as charging stations- and will come with interchangeable covers, such as the ones shown above and to the left, and each of the patterns shown off so far have a customized home screen counterpart.

The new Nintendo 3DS will retail for 16,000 Yen (around £93 in UK, around $153.75 US) while the new Nintendo 3DS XL will cost 18,800 Yen (around £109 in UK, around $172.95 US).

A new side-by-side comparison trailer was uploaded today by Nintendo of Japan, and shown off the customizable covers for the new Nintendo 3DS, but not the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

The picture below shows the differences between the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The new Nintendo 3DS is a little bit bigger than the older 3DS, in length and height.

The MicroSD Card goes on the back of the New Nintendo 3DS. You'll be able to remove the back to put the MicroSD card inside the New Nintendo 3DS system, and you can also replace the batteries if a charger isn't nearby.

Nintendo announced two new bundles coming to the new Nintendo 3DS XL. One of which is Super Smash Bros. 3DS coming this November for Japan, and another bundle pack for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It seems unlike the new Nintendo 3DS, the new Nintendo 3DS XL will have special designs that are not replaceable or swappable.

Also, we now know what the charging stations look like. 

The new Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS has been confirmed to be region-locked, and we got a new look at the box art for the standard new Nintendo 3DS in Japan. It looks really colorful, and it seems like the new Nintendo 3DS is a console you can create to your liking to make it yours.
What do you think of this brand new console Nintendo showed off? Will you be buying the new Nintendo 3DS? Leave a comment below.