Super Smash Bros. Update: Reward Meanings?

3 days until the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS comes out in Japan, and a little less than a month for the rest of the world. Masahiro Sakurai had this to say about the picture of the day of September 9th, 2014:

"In Classic mode, a roller spins before every stage to determine your reward. Rewards in red are for customization, green ones are trophies, and yellow means precious gold. Of course, if you raise the intensity, the abundance of these rewards will increase quite a bit, too. You can be rewarded in every stage, so in that way this mode might be a little more generous compared to previous games in the series."

"And here's the results screen. It shows what you gained in each stage, but you won't be rewarded until you clear it all. If you mess up in the middle, you can lose some of them too. The fighter icons are special attacks, and icons like the shield are equipment. The icons that say Mii on them are hats and clothes for Mii characters. Icons that show characters on a stand are trophies, of course, and the coins are gold you earned."