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How to Install Android Marshmallow on a Laptop or PC

Android x86 - Installation 1. Download Android-x86 from Sourceforge (
The official downloads link to Sourceforge unfortunately
2. Format your USB drive to FAT32 

3. Download UNetbootin. (
4. Search partition on the start menu and open "Create and format hard drive partitions"

5. Right click the drive you want to put Android Marshmallow onto and click Shrink Volume...

6. Choose the size of the drive in MB. 64000 MB is about 64 GB, just add 3 zeros after the amount of gigabytes you want available. Now click Shrink.

7. You've now created a hard drive partition! Now time to download GParted. (

8. Run UNetbootin. Choose Disk image, click the three dots and navigate to the .iso you downloaded titled gparted-live-0.xx.x.x.i686.iso. Choose your USB drive and click OK.

If a pop-up appears, press yes.

9. Enter your boot men…

How To Install Chromium OS

How To Install Chromium OS:

Required: Windows (for this guide), a formatted 4GB+ USB drive, and a hard drive you're comfortable formatting during the process.
1. Visit
2. Download the latest compatible image of Chromium OS Make sure to chose a special build if you have a laptop with a Synaptics trackpad (Most commonly Lenovo laptops) and not the specialty build for a Rasperry Pi 2. 3. Extract the zip file and move the chromiumos_image.img  to a folder you can easily find 4. Download Win32 Disk Imager and install it. Run the program once it's installation is completed.

If you have a Mac, use ApplePi-Baker (Tutorial) 5. Click on the folder icon and find your chromiumos_image.img file in the folder you placed it in. 6. Choose the drive letter of your flash drive and press write. 7. Reboot and press the key that corolates to your boot menu. Try Esc, F11, F12, whatever lets you choose a boot device. 8. Select your Wi-Fi network and do NOT PRESS ANYTHING ELSE. (…