How To Install Chromium OS

How To Install Chromium OS:

Required: Windows (for this guide), a formatted 4GB+ USB drive, and a hard drive you're comfortable formatting during the process.

1. Visit
2. Download the latest compatible image of Chromium OS
Make sure to chose a special build if you have a laptop with a Synaptics trackpad (Most commonly Lenovo laptops) and not the specialty build for a Rasperry Pi 2.
3. Extract the zip file and move the chromiumos_image.img  to a folder you can easily find
4. Download Win32 Disk Imager and install it. Run the program once it's installation is completed.

If you have a Mac, use ApplePi-Baker (Tutorial)

5. Click on the folder icon and find your chromiumos_image.img file in the folder you placed it in.
6. Choose the drive letter of your flash drive and press write.
7. Reboot and press the key that corolates to your boot menu. Try Esc, F11, F12, whatever lets you choose a boot device.
8. Select your Wi-Fi network and do NOT PRESS ANYTHING ELSE. (If you do just reboot)
Side note: If your trackpad does not work, use tab to move through the options and the arrow keys to navigate the wifi selector
9. Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 (Press Fn+Esc if it doesn't work and then try again)
10. A terminal interface will appear. Type chronos for the username and password as the password. Anytime it says enter the password or username, these will be them.
11. Type sudo su (for super user)
12. Enter your password again. (password)
13. Type curl -L | bash
14. Type restart ui
From here you can use Chromium OS from the flash drive. Continue if you want to install it on your computer. If you continue, your hard drive will be wiped and Chromium OS will be installed.

15. Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 once again
16. Type sudo su (for super user)
17. Type chromeos-install --dst/dev/sda 
18. Let this run until it's complete. Ignore the GPT errors or warnings, it isn't important.
19. Type shutdown -r now (this will reboot the computer)
20. Remove the USB drive before the computer boots and it will boot straight to Chromium OS!

Leave a comment if you have an issue!


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