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MLG In X-Games

MLG (Major league Gaming) has officially been placed in the 2014 X-Games. This is amazing because the highlights are going to be on ESPN, ABC, and all other types of TV shows that show the. X-Games. So it could be like a couple of guys at the bar and that don't know what MLG is and are watching the snowboarding, then it could be like " now back to the match between Optic and Faze. 

The Call Of Duty franchise has just shot up in numbers in the past couple of years, especially in Major League Tournoments. In China right they are say stuff like "heis the person I look up to". In America we want to say that to like baseball, soccer, football players and now I think soon it will be like that. Call of duty is going to to flourish from hear on out. This is going to make the X-Games a whole another experience.

Call of Duty Ghost Extinction Mode (Chaos Mode)

 Recently Ghost has released a new mode from Modern Warfare 3, (Chaos mode). This has been released on all forms of the Call Of Duty. This new game mode when you start has a multi bar type thing and you need to get combos to keep it going. Like in Modern warfare 3 when you killed someone you had to pick up a tag, but in Ghost when you kill an alien you kill it you have to pick up its eggs. You can also only use one weapon once. As you keep shooting you get extra perks. A great video that explains this new mode great is Ali-a's video. This mode is very crazy and chaotic.

Google Glass: Future or naw?

The Sci-fi looking Google glasses are going to revolutionize us. Its something you will see in movies and shows and soon on the streets. Many people have questions on how they work."How can they project a picture in front of you"? "Are they just an advanced version of Siri"? Well I'm here to answer your questions and more!

The Google glasses have a big bulky frame but still weighs only just 42 grams (1.48 oz). You can often time forget that your wearing it. At first the very small prism could strain you eye vision. It will warn you about this. Just like a smart phone today there are very phew physical buttons. It has the power button on the temple part of your head. Also has some plugins for ear phones on the bottom. New futures have been added but it is still $1,500 (about £897, AU$1,593) plus tax. Getting WiFi for the first time is easy. All you need to do is connect it to your iPhone then you will get a QR code, as simple as that.

Tomodachi Life Direct: 4.10.14

If you thought this month couldn't get any better, it just did for many people. If you're a fan of Animal Crossing, the Sims, or any other life simulator, you'll love this new 3DS title coming to the west: Tomodachi Life. Tomodachi Life is a new 3DS sim that allows you to create Mii characters of your family, your friends, and anyone you can think of and watch them interact on the island. They move in, become friends with other Mii characters, and eventually find love. Almost anything and everything could and most likely will happen in Tomodachi Life such as being the star of your own rock concert and getting into arguments with other Mii characters. 
That's just the tip of the iceburg, though, because the Mii customization is where the game really comes to life. After you create a Mii, you will be able to choose it's attitude, voice and catchphrase. It's how the game shines light on Nintendo's very own avatar creator and gives it a new touch with an Anima…

Super Smash Bros Direct: Characters

Super Smash Bros. Direct 4.8.14- Characters!

Veteran Fighters
Yoshi pops in as a veteran fighter!

Sheik appears on the scene as a veteran character, this time apart from Princess Zelda and now a standalone character!