MLG In X-Games

MLG (Major league Gaming) has officially been placed in the 2014 X-Games. This is amazing because the highlights are going to be on ESPN, ABC, and all other types of TV shows that show the. X-Games. So it could be like a couple of guys at the bar and that don't know what MLG is and are watching the snowboarding, then it could be like " now back to the match between Optic and Faze. 

The Call Of Duty franchise has just shot up in numbers in the past couple of years, especially in Major League Tournoments. In China right they are say stuff like "heis the person I look up to". In America we want to say that to like baseball, soccer, football players and now I think soon it will be like that. Call of duty is going to to flourish from hear on out. This is going to make the X-Games a whole another experience.