Google Glass: Future or naw?

          The Sci-fi looking Google glasses are going to revolutionize us. Its something you will see in movies and shows and soon on the streets. Many people have questions on how they work."How can they project a picture in front of you"? "Are they just an advanced version of Siri"? Well I'm here to answer your questions and more!

The Google glasses have a big bulky frame but still weighs only just 42 grams (1.48 oz). You can often time forget that your wearing it. At first the very small prism could strain you eye vision. It will warn you about this. Just like a smart phone today there are very phew physical buttons. It has the power button on the temple part of your head. Also has some plugins for ear phones on the bottom. New futures have been added but it is still $1,500 (about £897, AU$1,593) plus tax. Getting WiFi for the first time is easy. All you need to do is connect it to your iPhone then you will get a QR code, as simple as that.