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Why the new MacBook Pro needs to happen

Why the new MacBook Pro needs to happen With WWDC coming up, new device predictions have gone wild. A slump in Apple's sales has shown to the public the slowdown of innovation within the company. The Mac line has become stale, and the new MacBook has not helped much. The world isn't ready for it, so a new device needs to fill the gap.
The MacBook Air has lost its once important roll in Apple's lineup of portable computers. At one time, the Air was the thinnest MacBook with great specs to boost, but now it has become little more than a MacBook Pro with a worse display. The display's resolution, compared to the smaller 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina Displays, is much worse. The specs are not terrible by any means, but paying the small upgrade fee to the, now only slightly, heavier and more powerful MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The Air and Pro line need to merge to give the new MacBook a proper place in the lineup. The current Pro and Air designs have re…

Download Windows Virtual Machine Images

Download Windows Virtual Machine Images Microsoft has released free and legal Windows virtual machine images that run for 90 days until they expire. If you are a developer or want to test a program, these virtual machine images are perfect!

Virtualization Software Supported: VirtualBox, VMware, Parallels, VPC, or HyperV.

From Microsoft:
Test Microsoft Edge and versions of IE6 through IE11 using free virtual machines you download and manage locally.
Windows XP: (Hosted on

IE 6 on XP:

Windows Vista: (Hosted on 7 on Vista:
VirtualBoxVagrantHyperVVPCVMwareWindows 7: (Hosted by Microsoft)

IE 8 on Windows 7:
VirtualBoxVagrantHyperVVPCVMwareParallelsIE 9 on Windows 7:
VirtualBoxVagrantHyperVVPCVMwareParallelsIE 10 on Windows 7:
VirtualBoxVagrantHyperVVPCVMwareParallelsIE 11 on Windows 7:
VirtualBoxVagrantHyperVVPCVMwareParallelsWindows 8.1: (Hosted by Microsoft)

IE 11 on Windows 8.1:

Windows 10: (Hosted by …

Download Abandonware Operating Systems

Download Abandonware Operating SystemsLinks to get started:
WinWorldPC Index - Includes Boot Disks, Commodore Amiga, Macintosh, Windows, Virtual machine images, and more
BetaArchive Forum - DOS to Windows 3.xx, Windows 9x and ME, Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, and Windows Phone.
OSBetaArchive - Downloads for leaked Windows betas from Microsoft since Windows 3.xx - A website documenting the development of Windows XP to Vista, with pictures of every step along the way.

Development versions of Windows are pieces of history that have been recovered and uploaded online to preserve the history of operating system development. I recently posted links to download Windows 8 Consumer and Developer preview editions from, so I figured writing another segment on downloading abandonware operating systems should be done. Above are resources for anyone wishing to download an Abandonware Operating System. I will be posting later this week about abandonware software, so ch…

Download Windows 8 Consumer and Developer Previews

Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Developer Preview Downloads After hunting for Windows 8 Consumer and Developer Preview download links, I've found some on These are hosted with them, so I don't have any mirror links. If these go down, I've backed them up so let me know in the comments! Use them with VMWare for the best results.
Windows 8 Consumer Preview: (Set BIOS date to 2/28/2012) 64-bit (x64)  Download (3.3 GB)
32-bit (x86)  Download (2.5 GB)

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Windows 8 Developer Preview: (Set BIOS date to 10/24/2011)
64-bit (x64) with developer tools  Download (4.8 GB) 64-bit (x64)  Download (3.6 GB)
32-bit (x86)  Download (2.8 GB)

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Android vs. iOS - 3rd Party Apps

Android vs. iOSiOS 9 vs Android Marshmallow Round 1: 3rd Party Apps
Android Marshmallow's app selection has improved greatly since its predecessors. The Play Store has grown exponentially since its early days as the Android Market. Many new apps are released on iOS first, and piracy is very easy with an Android device. A lot of apps are half-baked, or incomplete. The blame isn't on the OS, but the developers. Many applications are high-quality, but for every great app, two terrible apps are released. Malware is a growing issue, but it still is not too significant. Privacy settings in Android Marshmallow give users better control of the components an app can access.


Newer apps have a unified "Material Design" UIUniversal navigation in most apps with the navigation buttons at the bottom of the deviceDevelopment for the platform is free
Cons: Development for Android is sometimes an afterthoughtMalware and junk apps fill a lot of the storeMany apps serve no fun…

OS X Installer USB Tutorial

Create a Bootable OS X Installer USBRequirements: Mac OS X 10.7+ Purchased copy of OS X/macOS 8GB+ USB Drive formatted as OS X Extended (Journaled)
1. Download the OS X Installer from the Mac App Store.
Important: You can only do this with versions you have previously purchased or downloaded Open the App Store appGo to the Purchased tabFind the OS X version you want to install Click the download button and allow it to complete the download while you continue the tutorial2. Format your USB drive as OS X Extended (Journaled)
Open Disk UtilitySelect the USB drive in the lefthand columnClick Erase and select OS X Extended (Journaled)Disk Maker X Method: Name it whatever you would like and click Erase againApple Method:Name the USB OSXINSTALL and click Erase again Disk Maker X Method (Easier)
3.Download Disk Maker X

Download - Version 5.0.3 - Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra Download - Version 5.0.3 - Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan --- Download - 3.0.4 - Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks Dow…

PPSideloader Tutorial

PPSideloader TutorialRequirements:

PPSideloader (Download)
OS X El Capitan
Xcode 7.3 from the Mac App Store
iOS 8.0+ (iOS 9.0+ without a paid developer account)

Cracked .ipa file of: Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp

First, delete the app.ipa file that is currently in the ppsideloader-master folder. Then, rename the Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook cracked IPA to app.ipa and put it in  the original app.ipa's place.
Now open the ppsideloader.excodeproj file with Xcode 7.3 on OS X El Capitan.

In Xcode, make the Bundle Identifier something original. I used:
Now click Fix Issue and it should associate the Xcode project with your Apple Developer account

Click the arrow once your device is plugged in and you are ready to go.
Leave a comment if you have an issue!

Android vs. iOS - Usability

Android vs. iOSiOS 9 vs Android Marshmallow
Round 2 will be released next week, 4/17/16. Round 1: Usability Although my judgement is skewed because I use an iPhone 6 on a daily basis, I have used Android extensivly and have written tutorials on how to run it on your PC or laptop. Android Marshmallow has come a long way since 2011, when I dismissed it as an operating system not even comparable to iOS, dude to the lack of app support and specs that were better on paper than in real world usage.
Android Marshmallow is a very good operating system. It is lacking a few things compared to iOS, but the same can be said the other way around. It is hard to compare usability because Android is an operating system, and there is not a definitive version. The apps that come packaged with most devices can be broken down and compared to iOS quite easily. Every one of them is tolerable, and some are better than any alternative in the Play Store.
Updates - Most Android devices get updates for 6 …

Hackintosh Boot Flags

If this is your first time building or making a Hackintosh, boot flags may seem like a foreign concept. Once you understand what each of them means, you can get started!
Clover Boot Flags:Verbose Mode:

Safe Mode:

Single User Mode:

Zone Postponing: (use if hanging)

Single CPU core mode:

No Kext Cache Mode: (When changing kexts)

Disables VT-x or VT-d:

Verbose Mode:

Enable NVIDIA Web Drivers: (do not use with nv_disable=1)

Disable NVIDIA graphics cards: (do not use with nvda_drv=1)

Kext Dev Mode:

Rootless Mode:  Do not boot with this on El Capitan or macOS Sierra

 rootless=0  If you're stuck at [PCI Configuration Began]:

 npci=0x2000   npci=0x3000 
Set Maximum Memory (RAM): (In megabytes)

 maxmem=4096   maxmem=8192 
Troubleshooting: If you are having any trouble, first try this string. It works on a lot of systems with Intel HD Graphics to get into the OS X Installer from a Unibeast USB.

 -v -x -s -no-zp 

If you have…

Tweaks for Sideloaded Apps Tutorial

Tools Required: Tweaks for SideLoaded Apps by iMokhles

A cracked Snapchat.ipa (The App Store version is not compatible) (or something similar)

TweakApp by iMokhles

Before you start:(Recommended) Optool Install:
Download optool
Go to Finder and press ⌘ + Shift + G (all at once). Then type:

Copy and paste the optool file into that folder.
(Necessary) OpenSSL: dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libssl.1.0.0.dylib
Referenced from: /usr/local/lib/libimobiledevice.6.dylib
Reason: image not found Many users have this issue. I recommend installing the proper utilities before you start. Most people won't be able to complete the tutorial without this:

1. Open Terminal and type these commands:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install openssl
Now all of the issues should be resolved.


Safari Technology Preview

Download the Safari Technology PreviewOfficial Apple Link - Google Drive Mirror (Version 9.1.1)
This is a pre-release version of Safari, so it is still testing. The release notes are printed below, but this is for people who are interested in testing new features before the official release. I've hosted a backup incase the download becomes unavailable in the future, so have fun with this version! There are not any significant visual changes, everything is under the hood.
Browser Differences ·Safari Technology Preview can be run side-by-side with Safari and set as the default browser·Separate local data stores are used for history, bookmarks, cookies, and cache·Browsing history and bookmarks are synced over iCloud when iCloud sync is enabled·The Develop menu is enabled by default·Receives regular updates through the Updates tab of the Mac App Store·Bug reports made on should specify Safari Technology Preview
JavaScript Improvements ·ECMAScript 6 support including l…