PPSideloader Tutorial

PPSideloader Tutorial


PPSideloader (Download)
OS X El Capitan
Xcode 7.3 from the Mac App Store
iOS 8.0+ (iOS 9.0+ without a paid developer account)

Cracked .ipa file of:
Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp

First, delete the app.ipa file that is currently in the ppsideloader-master folder. Then, rename the Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook cracked IPA to app.ipa and put it in  the original app.ipa's place.

Now open the ppsideloader.excodeproj file with Xcode 7.3 on OS X El Capitan.

In Xcode, make the Bundle Identifier something original. I used:


Now click Fix Issue and it should associate the Xcode project with your Apple Developer account

Click the arrow once your device is plugged in and you are ready to go.

Leave a comment if you have an issue!


  1. Thanks!! I tried this for twitter but the app keeps crashing when I click on a specific tweet? Any way to fix it

    1. I don't develop PPSideloader, you'll have to ask eni9889 on Reddit.


      Good luck!


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