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Wii U? Part 3

See Wii U? and Wii U? Part 2

Miiverse is a exclusive social network, currently only for the Wii U with a Nintendo Network ID, in a community of gamers where you can share your opinion and discuss in gaming communities like New Super Mario Bros. U community and the Super Smash Bros. community. Get help with your Nintendo TVii, or comment on your favorite shows and moments on Miiverse by going to Nintendo TVii community. You can log on to Miiverse outside of the Wii U console to see what people are saying and drawing with the gamepad on the go with your iPhone, Android, iPad, DSi, 3DS, and iPad, not counting PC and Mac. You can use Miiverse through games like New Super Mario Bros. U. You can also access MiiVerse from your Wii U plaza (aka home screen). The Wii U plaza or Wii U home screen is just beautiful and very helpful for finding what you need. Access your downloaded apps, the current disc or game inserted in the disk slot, settings, and more.

You can access your Friend List, MiiVe…

Surface: One Edition

Surface: One Edition     I created a concept yesterday, highlighting why the XPS 13 from Dell is so great (beautiful, light, powerhouse) and though why not create an Xbox. These two things seem far away now, but it could make sense if it is done right. This model is almost entirely based on the XPS 13 with optional HD Display. It would use Haswell chip sets and run Windows 8.1, plus an Xbox interface, in place of the average start screen. The desktop would remain, probably with a function on the keyboard instead of a fully-fledged button on the start screen. (make the windows button switch between start screen and desktop). Now, the touchpad would be a standard touchpad, but the Xbox One remote would be programmed to run wireless with the Surface One. Although the device is named Surface, it still has its own laptop bottom to keep it unified and to hold more internals. The CD ROM drive wouldn't be included in the Surface itself, but as an add on for older games not available onlin…

Bit #1: Where did Mr. Potato Head come from?

A "Bit" is a piece of history, coming to you from Fitzsimmons Weekly

Bit #1: Where did Mr. Potato Head come from?

1960s were big years for Hasbro, as their most successful line of toys were released. 
 During the World War 2 era, George Lerner enjoyed success as a well known inventor and designer. Just before 1950, he designed and produced a first generation set of plastic face pieces. The push pin shaped noses, ears, eyes and mouth parts could be pushed into fruits or vegetables to transform the food into an endless array of magical anthropomorphic playmates.
    The toy wasn't an immediate hit however. There was still a World War 2 mentality to conserve resources. Toy companies didn't think that customers would accept the idea of wasting a piece of food as a child's toy. But after awhile, George finally sold the toy to a cereal company, who planned to use the pieces as a premium giveaway in cereal boxes. From

   Even with the toys looking to be d…

Samsung Galaxy Round Announced

Late Tuesday, Samsung announced the Galaxy Round, a curved-smartphone that resembles the S4. The Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch, 1080p screen with an HD Super AMOLED display. The device is 7.9mm thick, weighs 154g, and has a 2800mAh battery. Runs Android 4.3, 3GB of RAM, and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, with an impressive 13 mega-pixel camera. It will be released in "Luxury Brown" in Korea, but doesn't seem to be set with an international release just yet. The price is around $1,000 and is a higher-end smartphone. We hope to see more of these curved displays from Samsung again soon, possibly on their S and Note models.

iPhone 5S Review

Now, let me start out with a background. I am a big Apple fan and don't own many other devices besides Windows-based computers. It could be iCloud, but this phone is good. Really good. With almost any review, I have good things and bad things. I am going to start with the bad things, just to get them off my chest and attempt to land on a good note. The touch-sensor is slow learning, and isn't fast at all in the setup. It almost took 5 minutes to set-up from the very beginning. When I saw it, it had a bit of an off-setting gray. It may because I am used to a jet black phone, but it made me feel a bit odd, like something wasn't quite right with the iPhone. If you can easily overlook these things and have plenty of patience, then it should be nice to see once it is out of the box. The OS is innovated and drastically different than iOS 6 and the previous editions, and very much changed graphically. It feels strange if you've used iOS before, but it settles in after a w…

Nest Protect, the Smoke Alarm You'll Love

Nest Protect
Nest has released the Nest Protect, a product that works as a friendly smoke alarm. It detects what room you're in and can understand simply commands. Motion and easy access from mobile devices has taken a note from Nest's other products, or as of now, its thermostat. They both work on the same app and function almost identically with devices, but both offer helpful things for your home. Nest has been innovating this industry for quite a while and you can take a look back on what they've achieved so far in the company history, they seem to be doing well. As told by Tony Fadell, the company CEO, he describes the Nest community and why the products they deliver today do what they actually do, serve the home.
It was never just about thermostats. At its core, Nest has always been about the home. We reinvent unloved home products to create simple, beautiful, thoughtful things. First we made an entirely different kind of thermostat, because saving energy should be ea…

Why isn't the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh still made?

As you probably are already thinking, what is the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh? It was an Apple built computer that doubled as a TV. (Yes, it was kind of the first Apple TV) 
The TAM featured a 250 MHz PowerPC 603e processor and 12.1" active matrix LCD powered by an ATI 3D Rage II video chipset with 2MB of VRAM capable of displaying up to 16bit color at 800x600 or 640x480 pixels. It had a vertically mounted 4x SCSI CD-ROM and an Apple floppy Superdrive, a 2GB ATA hard drive, a TV/FM tuner, an S-Video card, and a custom-made Bose sound system including two "Jewel" speakers and a subwoofer built into the externally located power supply "base unit".From Wikipedia

For 1997, this was amazing. So why was it discontinued? First, it was limited edition. It was only released for a limited time, and you are lucky to find one at all, none the less for a small price. Besides that, it was $7,499 USD. This was at its basjc, so it was almost like buying 6 Macbook Pros toda…

Analyst predicts iPhone 6 will sport a 4.8-inch display

Analyst predicts that the iPhone 6 will have a 4.8 inch display. This wouldn't be too surprising, as the change in size releases (iPhone 5, iPad Mini) have followed about a 2-year release cycle if this would be accurate. 2 lines of phones would make sense, and the C and S might drop from the title. The iPhone S may be the bigger model, while the iPhone may keep its 4 inch display. This change could take away the need to develop 3.5 inch applications and go to developing 4.8 inch display applications. The release wouldn't change mostly anything, but the 4S still being sold may halt more development until Apple runs exclusively on 4 inch or more displays.  How all of this will play out isn't yet clear, but once Apple makes a move to a larger display, developers move along with them. Removing screen dimensions isn't an option for a developer, and Apple doesn't seem to be taking any steps back from their designs so far (besides a few Macs) and they have done so not pu…

Wii U? Part 2

Wii U? by Grant FitzsimmonsFrom Wii U Sales: As of 30 June 2013, Nintendo reports 3.61 million units have been shipped worldwide. During its first week of release in the United States, Nintendo sold its entire allotment of over 400,000 Wii U units and sold a total of 425,000 units for the month of November, according to the NPD Group. It also sold over 40,000 consoles in the UK in its first weekend. In Japan, over 600,000 Wii U units were sold during December 2012. According to the NPD Group, nearly 890,000 Nintendo Wii U units were sold in the United States after 41 days on the market. In the three months leading up to June 2013 it sold 160,000 units, which was down 51% from the three months prior.    Wii U sales have not been near what Nintendo of America projected. This may mean a lot for the console's future. Game development has almost froze for the console, besides Nintendo's upcoming projects for the console with visualization and such. The question is when will the con…

Steam Box Specs Revealed

The prototype units will ship with an Intel Core i7-4770, an Intel Core i5-4570, or an unidentified Core i3 CPU. As far as GPUs go, there will be a mix of Nvidia Titan, Nvidia GTX780, Nvidia GTX760, and Nvidia GTX660 models — all with 3GB of GDDR5. All units will ship with 16GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, hybrid 1TB/8GB SSHDs, and a 450w power supply. Impressively, all of this equipment is designed to fit inside a 12-inch x 12.4-inch x 2.9-inch case. Really sleek stuff.From Extremetech

So far, this spec sheet seems to make the Steam Box a great gaming computer, but the question keeps floating, how well will Steam OS be made? In Valve's history, they've attempted to create a point of switching to systems that run Ubuntu. Now, according to Valve, Windows games will be played by "streaming". The definition of that to the gaming communities is still unknown, and may involve emulation. Still, how these things will effect sales of the Steam box and its performance isn't yet kno…

Why iPhone?

Why iPhone? I choose iPhone because of the innovation. This might sound a bit bogus, but in all honesty I think Apple could be one of the most innovative companies on the planet. Microsoft is evolving, to even a rate where I think it could be comparable. In almost any sense, the Ubuntu Phone may even evolve to become the head of the market, but the direction it has been headed shows Ubuntu's plans to create lower-end devices for developing countries or anyone on a budget. It depends on who your are for what phone would fit you the best.

iPhone 5s not the C I can't say that I like the 5C. It doesn't seem like the Apple when the iPhone 4 was announced. Even as they have covered recently that the 5C "isn't" a low end device, it still is marketed as if it was. The product isn't polished, and overall, iOS 7 isn't either. The phone is solid on the insides but Apple wouldn't have made this even a good year ago. The direction they are headed could confus…

FOX brings back favorites for new season

FOX broadcast company, the company that runs popular animated shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, and Bob's Burgers has brought back all of your favorite Animation Domination shows to you for all new seasons. Bob's Burgers comes back with season 4, Family Guy comes back on it's twelfth season, American Dad, it's 10th season. Simpson fans have something very special in store. After a long wait, The Simpsons on it's next season was released, and now you can watch The Simpsons on all devices with Hulu Plus. All these shows show every Sunday in Fall for Animation Domination, starting at 7:30 Central Time. For more info, please visit

Google Updates Again

Google has begun to roll out it's new homepage. Originally, the new logo was believed to be used only on small pieces of their products. While the homepage update has been in development for a long time, it is being slowly rolled out for anyone using new browsers. Updating...

Target Unveils Brightspot, a new StraightTalk competitor

Brightspot, a new competitor to StraightTalk will be a new challenge for the old phone plan system. This will be released this Saturday and will be publicly available at Target. For $35-50 a month, Brightspot gives unlimited data from T-Mobile.  The ad (seen on the right) shows that Brightspot will be exclusively available in the United States at launch. The story will be developing soon...

Mighty No. 9 to be Released for Next-Gen Consoles

Mighty No. 9 by comcept USA, LLC

  From the creator of Mega Man, this re-imagined concept will soon be coming to next-gen consoles such as the Xbox One and PS4. As of today, the campaign has raised $3,845,170 for the game. According to the kickstarter, it would only need $900,000 which proves that the campaign was successful among backers. This will be self-funded and not a part of the Mega Man series, but incidentally shows its roots well.

Google Doodle Celebrates Yosemite's 123rd Birthday

Google is celebrating the 123rd Birthday of Yosemite National Park in the US, although it is closed due to the Government shutdown today. You can visit the site, and explore it on Google Maps, so check out more soon.

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