Wii U? Part 2

Wii U? by Grant Fitzsimmons

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Sales: As of 30 June 2013, Nintendo reports 3.61 million units have been shipped worldwide. During its first week of release in the United States, Nintendo sold its entire allotment of over 400,000 Wii U units and sold a total of 425,000 units for the month of November, according to the NPD Group. It also sold over 40,000 consoles in the UK in its first weekend. In Japan, over 600,000 Wii U units were sold during December 2012. According to the NPD Group, nearly 890,000 Nintendo Wii U units were sold in the United States after 41 days on the market. In the three months leading up to June 2013 it sold 160,000 units, which was down 51% from the three months prior.
   Wii U sales have not been near what Nintendo of America projected. This may mean a lot for the console's future. Game development has almost froze for the console, besides Nintendo's upcoming projects for the console with visualization and such. The question is when will the console wars end (as it has been slowing) and what would a Wii U 2 look like?