Bit #1: Where did Mr. Potato Head come from?

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Bit #1: Where did Mr. Potato Head come from?

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1960s were big years for Hasbro, as their most successful line of toys were released. 
 During the World War 2 era, George Lerner enjoyed success as a well known inventor and designer. Just before 1950, he designed and produced a first generation set of plastic face pieces. The push pin shaped noses, ears, eyes and mouth parts could be pushed into fruits or vegetables to transform the food into an endless array of magical anthropomorphic playmates.
    The toy wasn't an immediate hit however. There was still a World War 2 mentality to conserve resources. Toy companies didn't think that customers would accept the idea of wasting a piece of food as a child's toy. But after awhile, George finally sold the toy to a cereal company, who planned to use the pieces as a premium giveaway in cereal boxes. 

   Even with the toys looking to be doomed from the start, Hasbro picks up the line and builds a fully-fledged toy lineup with them. As strange as that lok

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