iPhone 5S Review

The iPhone 5S
   Now, let me start out with a background. I am a big Apple fan and don't own many other devices besides Windows-based computers. It could be iCloud, but this phone is good. Really good. With almost any review, I have good things and bad things. I am going to start with the bad things, just to get them off my chest and attempt to land on a good note. The touch-sensor is slow learning, and isn't fast at all in the setup. It almost took 5 minutes to set-up from the very beginning. When I saw it, it had a bit of an off-setting gray. It may because I am used to a jet black phone, but it made me feel a bit odd, like something wasn't quite right with the iPhone. If you can easily overlook these things and have plenty of patience, then it should be nice to see once it is out of the box. The OS is innovated and drastically different than iOS 6 and the previous editions, and very much changed graphically. It feels strange if you've used iOS before, but it settles in after a while. The phone is slick and easy to hold, light, and has the perfect pixel density and display size for me (but not for everyone). The camera is great, but not innovative, still holding up what I need in a camera. In 4 years, maybe Apple should've changed the camera, but it still has that sold-built feel to it (unlike the Nokia Lumia 1020). With everything taken into consideration, I give the iPhone 5S 9 out of 10.