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Nintendo Holiday 2015 Gift Recommendations

Recently, I had gotten an opportunity by 435 Magazine to visit the Nintendo AirStream trailer, which is a press-only Nintendo event where I tried out many of Nintendo's upcoming holiday and 2016 titles. First off, I would like to thank Kathy Boos of 435 Magazine for presenting this opportunity to me- without it, I wouldn't of gotten an early preview of games like Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam.

Speaking of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, that was the game I found to be among my favorites coming out next year for the Nintendo 3DS, combining the game play of the Mario and Luigi series with the unique paper mechanic of the Paper Mario series. In Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, you play as Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario, battling enemies such as goombas and koopa paratroopas along your way. In the mode that I played, the trio's goal was to collect paper Toads, specifically 10 of them. I found myself diverging from that goal to battle enemies because Paper Mario's unique copy mechanic…

Linkle revealed for Hyrule Warriors Legends

In a twist that few people had expected, the female counterpart of Link, Linkle, as previously seen in the Hyrule Warriors art book, has been revealed for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Hyrule Warriors Legends. Linkle will be joining forces with new characters such as Skull Kid, Tetra, Toon Link, and the King of Red Lions.

Linkle is an original character made specifically for Hyrule Warriors Legends. She is a girl who uses two crossbows to attack enemies- and has other attacks similar to the attacks that Link uses. If you're interested, you can watch the trailer for more:
A new playable female character named Linkle enters the Zelda universe in #HyruleWarriors Legends. — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) November 12, 2015

Nekki Costume in Super Mario Maker

Nekki, mascot for the Japanese magazine Famitsu, has an event course where, upon completion, earns the player a Nekki costume for their own creations. The course title is "Yoshi is Awesome!" and was the winning entry in a Famitsu contest for course creation. Creator Vanilla KONDO said the following about it: “I combined ideas from courses I’ve already uploaded and added a few new tricks too. Mario’s adorable yet reliable partner Yoshi plays a big role from beginning to end". This level is available to play now, but it may not last long.

Cloud joins Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

In the latest Nintendo Direct video presentation, Cloud Strife, the protagonist from the popular JRPG Final Fantasy VII, was announced to be an upcoming playable character in the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros.
Not only Cloud will join the battle, though, as it was revealed that there will be a special broadcast presenting new information about Super Smash Bros. in December.

Watch the whole trailer on YouTube, courtesy of GameXplain:

Firefox for iOS Day 1 Review

A new browser for iOS has been unveiled, surprisingly from Mozilla. A year or two ago, they said that they would not bring Firefox to iOS, saying "We refuse’ to bring Firefox to iOS until Apple lets us use our web engine" back in April of 2013. Alas, Apple still refused to allow their web engine to be brought to the platform and Mozilla made the browser anyway. Here are my thoughts.

   After a day of using it heavily as my main browser, it was surprisingly disappointing. It is just ugly in my opinion and does not look much like the desktop counterpart. The animations became choppy in some cases and it was just slower than Safari. I was hoping more settings and possible add-ons would make this browser the best, about the same reasons as why I use it on the desktop. I could possibly see this as the best browser if I used Firefox on every platform, as it integrates Firefox sync which I found very useful. It remembers your passwords like Safari and iCloud, but I found the la…

Super Mario Maker Cat Mario and Peach Costumes

More Super Mario Maker costumes have been released. Upon completion of the event courses "Cat Mario's Course" as well as "Cat Peach's Course", Cat Mario and Cat Peach Mystery Mushroom costumes will be unlocked for use in user created levels.

Nintendo Holiday Season Tour 2015

Nintendo of America has confirmed the Holiday Season Tour 2015 will be taking place in several locations across the United States. Nintendo Holiday Season tour will take place in these areas from November 23rd - December 20th:
South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MassachusettsWoodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois (be sure to stop by Level 257)Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TexasCherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver, ColoradoMemorial City Mall in Houston, TexasThe Oaks in Thousand Oaks, CaliforniaDolphin Mall in Miami, FloridaMall of America in Bloomington, MinnesotaPerimeter Mall in Atlanta, GeorgiaQueens Center Mall in Elmhurst, New YorkKing of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, PennsylvaniaScottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, ArizonaWashington Square in Portland, OregonWestfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CaliforniaWestfield Southcenter in Seattle, WashingtonTysons Corner Center in McLean, Virginia The following games have been confirmed playable at the event:

Wii U
Super Mario MakerSp…

Nintendo Badge Arcade releases in Europe and North America on 3DS

Nintendo Badge Arcade has been announced to launch on November 13th, 2015 on the European Nintendo eShop. Starting as Nintendo Collectible Badge Center in Japan launching in December last year, Nintendo Badge Arcade is a free-to-play application for the Nintendo 3DS. It is available now in the North American Nintendo eShop.

 Players can collect badges through a crane-arcade type mini-game to earn collectible badges that can be used to decorate their Nintendo 3DS home screen. Players have the option to pay money through Nintendo eShop to earn credit in the game, giving them more opportunities to collect badges. Once players have collected all badges in a set, they will receive a free theme as a background for their badges for use on the home screen.

Check out the trailer below for a preview of what to expect: