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Sideloading Deb Files without a Jailbreak

Required Programs: (Click the name to download)Xcode - Mac App Store iOS App Signer - Google Drive

Compatibility (Comment your results):

Incompatible: Cydia, Winterboard (loads, but doesn't function), iCleaner (use xCleaner), Activator,
Compatible: Kodi, Flux, Provenance, NDS4iOS, GBA4iOS 2.0, Happy Chick, Moviebox, MAME4iOS, iTransmission, xCleaner, iDos, iSSB, AppFlix, Jungle Video Downloader, etc.
Semi-compatible: Filza, Retroarch (incomplete filesystem access), Flex (patches don't work)

You can only sideload deb files that are applications, not tweaks. As of now, the applications side loaded have to work within the iOS sandbox, so apps like Kodi, Filza, and Retroarch work, but cannot navigate the entire filesystem like on a jailbroken device. The usefulness is limited

OS X - Enabling TRIM on Non-Apple

Enable TRIM for Non-Apple SSDs TRIM is similar to defragmenting a hard drive, and Apple does not enable this by default in 3rd party SSDs. It is not clear why they do not, but probably because they would rather have you use theirs. In any case, if you would like to keep your SSD healthy, all you have to do is use Terminal with a command.
1. Open Terminal and copy and paste this into it:
sudo trimforce enable
2. Hit enter, and follow the prompts by pressing Y and enter each time.
3. It will reboot automatically, and you should be done!
It is that simple. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

Enable HiDPI Resolutions on macOS

Enable HiDPI Resolutions on macOS Works on OS X El Capitan 10.11+
Enabling HiDPI resolutions allows your display to run at full resolution but render the images at a smaller one. In a sense, it works like the Retina displays by scaling windows and programs to appear larger than normal. It is essentially the same as the scaling option in Windows, and it default in OS X Retina Displays. If you happen to 1440p or 4K screen, this can come in handy. This works at any resolution, but isn't useful below those resolutions.

BEFORE YOU START: Disable SIP (System Integrity Protection) on macOS
Method 1: Terminal
If you don't want to download anything and understand how to use Terminal, it is very simple. Open Terminal from Launchpad or Spotlight and copy the following command into it and press enter:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool trueMethod 2: Quartz Debug

Quartz Debug gives you many more features, such as an FPS counte…

Install CloudReady by Neverware

Install CloudReady by Neverware Alternatively: Install Chromium OS from ArnoldTheBat(Open Source) CloudReady by Neverware is a branch of Chromium OS. Neverware has compiled an easy to use, quick to set up edition for home users for free. Unlike ArnoldTheBat's edition of Chromium OS, CloudReady can cost money depending on the edition you wish to use. This tutorial is for the home users, and it is much simpler to set up compared to ArnoldTheBat's fork. 
1. Visit 2. A file named something along the lines of should have downloaded. It is a few hundred megabytes, so be patient.

3. Go to the Chrome Web Store with Google Chrome and download Chromebook Recovery Utility. This is necessary to create a bootable USB. 4. Run the Chromebook Recovery Utility from Chrome. This works on any platform supported by Google Chrome.

5. Click the gear in the top right near the X and press "Use local image" and select the…

How To Access The Boot Menu

Boot Menu Instructions Above is a picture of a typical BIOS splash screen. It should list the key you need to press somewhere either along the top or bottom. The key you need to press is the Boot Manager, Boot Menu, Boot Options, or Boot Selection key. Sometimes it may be a key for more options, and in that case press it first.
Lenovo Laptops:

Press F12 while the computer is booting (when the Lenovo logo is present)Move the selection with the arrow keys and press enter to select the boot optionDell Laptops: Press F12 while the computer is booting (when the Dell logo is present)Move the selection with the arrow keys and press enter to select the boot option HP Laptops: Press F9 while the computer is booting (when the HP logo is present)Move the selection with the arrow keys and press enter to select the boot optionApple Laptops: Hold the option key while the Apple logo is shown after turning on the computerUse the trackpad or arrow keys to select a boot optionMost PCs: Press F12, F9, F2, or E…

Download Any Windows ISO (7+) from Microsoft

Download Every Windows 7-10 ISO directly from MicrosoftMicrosoft used to have official downloads for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, but they have all-but deleted any trace of them from their websites. WZor and Nummer, two well-known Windows hackers have created a piece of code that can be copied into your browser to download Windows ISO files straight from Microsoft. The only things you need are a web browser (in this tutorial, Chrome or Firefox) and an internet connection. Go to the Windows 10 ISOwebsite and press Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+K on Firefox. Then copy the PasteBin code into the window that appears, and press enter. PasteBin Code

Other GuideCreate a Bootable Windows 10 USB
(Works with Windows 7 and above) How To Download the ISO Files

TechFleece's original article on the topicWZor and Nummer for writing the code to make it possibleEDIT: PasteBin updated to have a cleaner-looking result. If you want the original, it is linked here.