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Nintendo eShop: Pre-orders?

The Nintendo eShop has been experiencing some traffic over the holiday season and because of this Nintendo felt it was necessary to disable communications to the 3DS and Wii U eShop until the traffic lowered. Now that it's back, I thought I'd say some things that, if I had the power, I would modify to make the eShop even better than it was before.

Pre-orders would really help when you're really busy and a game is coming out. I've been waiting for games like Super Mario Bros. 3 on Virtual Console and the long awaited Flipnote Studio 3D, but I don't feel like checking the eShop every day. I think pre-orders would really solve this problem. What you would do is go onto the Nintendo eShop and tap the software you would like to purchase. If the game or application is not on the eShop yet, one of the options given would be "pre-order". When the game comes out on the eShop, connect your 3DS or Wii U to the internet, and the software should automatically downloa…

10,000 Pageviews, Thanks to you!

We've opened in June! 7 months ago today, we had not even opened. Now, to do the math, not counting big days of news or increases, 1,428 pageviews happen a month. To get to 26,000, by this average, it will take 11 months before we can reach the goal, now with your help, we could be building a base sooner than we think!

Today, Fitzsimmons Weekly passed the 10,000 view mark. Thank you to everyone who has helped get this developing source to where it is today. Although 10,000 may seem like a small number for views, we hope soon to pass 26,000 views within the next 8 or 9 months. On December 22nd, 823 pageviews happened. Almost 1/10th of the total ammount! Almost 200 pageviews have happened today alone, with a fairly small ammount of updates so far. Thank you all for the support! If we get to that golden number, we can find sponsors and build a sales base to fund the site.

Super Smash Bros. Rosalina, Zelda and more

Screenshots, announcements, and more!

Rosalina and Luma Announced on Nintendo Direct 12.18.13,Rosalina and Luma joined the battle as newcomers to the Super Smash Bros. series.
Rosalina and Luma Screenshots

Zelda (Twilight Princess) Zelda was announced on the Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS website this week. 
Zelda Screenshots

Cydia 1.1.9 released for iOS 7

Cydia has been updated with a new interface and compatibility fixes for iOS 7, although the new edition of Cydia is still compatible with iOS 2 and above. Evasi0n7 released with an unofficial version of Cydia and hadn't updated MobileSubstrate, so Cydia has been updated for compatibility, but MobileSubstrate is continued to be worked on.
Cydia is updated, Mobile Substrate is in the works, and awesome developers like Ryan Petrich are finishing iOS 7 updates to their tweaks and apps. All again feels a bit normal in the world when it comes to jailbreaking. from iDownloadBlog

YouTube for iOS 7 leaked

Quick Update: On Google's holiday apps page, which you can see here, Google seemed to have leaked a new YouTube app for the iPad and iPhone.

Update: The update for iPad and iPhone has been released with he following screenshot being accurate.

Evad3rs Suspends Taig Install in China [UPDATE]

The Evad3rs have suspended their partner company with evasi0n7. In China, a 3rd party appstore was installed that seemed to allow/encourage piracy in the app, although the deal with the Evad3rs is said to be signed under the conditions of no-piracy laws that are acceptable in China. Taig's site has been changed to a site with a message stating "Welcome to nginx!" in an html form.

(December 24th, 2013) Update: The website is back to its previous form although the suspension continues

(December 27th, 2013) 2nd Update: The website now reads "Coming soon..."

Evasi0n Jailbreak: Now or never?

Evasi0n came out earlier today, and malware rumors have already began to swirl. A Chinese company named Taig has partnered with the Evad3rs and bundled their app store with the jailbreak. Just a moment ago, the Evad3rs posted an update on Evasi0n7. They explain the contact and how Taig had agreed to not allow piracy to cut back on the store in China. Still, the application can pirate in the jailbreak.
On, they share the reasoning behind the thinking and explain the story of the agreement. Dear Jailbreak Community,
We are deeply troubled by the rumors and speculation surrounding our iOS 7 jailbreak. We would like to present the whole story to you.
Most of the concern surrounds the inclusion of the Chinese App Store Taig. In the course of developing the iOS 7 jailbreak, we were approached by the company with an offer of partnership in offering Taig bundled with the jailbreak in China. Taig is a Chinese App Store written in Chinese. tailored and, we believe,…

Evad3rs release iOS 7 Jailbreak

Another Quick Update: For everyone on the jailbreak scene, an untethered iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak has been released and seems to be packaged with some form of malware, be careful if you use it.
Download: We have a winner:

Merry Christmas! The iOS 7 jailbreak has been released at! All donations will go to @publicknowledge, @eff and @ffii
— evad3rs (@evad3rs) December 22, 2013
This post was updated to include information on the current issues with the Jailbreak at 4:28 PM CT

Merry Christmas from Google

Quick update: As of today, or possibly a few days before, Google now has a Christmas themed search when you search any one of a few holiday words.

iPad Mini with Retina Display Review

On December 17, I switched my iPad Mini for an iPad Mini with Retina display, and it has proven to be a stable product. The product comes with A7 and M7 processors, a retina display, and a 10-hour battery. I've been using my device for a while, and it hasn't died once. I have charged it about every 2 days and the battery seems to be going down a percent every 3 or 4 minutes. Basically, about 7 hours for a charge means plenty of time for games. The best part of the device is probably the features with the display, as in speed tests their isn't much difference between the A5 and A7 internals, at least as far as tested with an iPod Touch 5th Generation.
   If I would have to rate it among other tablets, I give it a 9.5/10.

Superhot, the game based on movement

If you are like me and haven't heard about the Unity game, SUPERHOT, that you should see it now online for free before Steam gets its hands on it. (read about the Greenlight here) The game revolves around you running through the blank world of crime and control time with your movement. The game seems to be preparing a release on Steam and should be back soon. The game is mostly shooting and puzzle, and I highly recommend a look at it now.

Check it out:

SNES Advance Concept

Nintendo could be ahead of the curve, but why not look behind for a minute. The Gameboy Advance is an amazing console, but lacked actually advanced hardware besides its back lit display. Now that it is almost 2014, Nintendo should build their own "flashback console", as Atari and Sega have done. Sega's "Classic Game Console" functions with actual cartridges, and that wouldn't be a bad idea to catch on to.

Wii U Portable Concept

Above, I've mashed together a concept of a next-gen DS device. It features the 3D detail at the top, but isn't controlled in the same area. It has dual-control pads, a 4-button analog piece, and A B X Y buttons, with a power switch below. It is a similar to the 3DS XL, using every element of a Blue 3DS XL. The device allows more connectivity with other users, but sports a larger exterior and less battery than a 3DS XL, and plays 3DS and DS Games. The U would be downloaded from the internet and streams the second screens content to the lower part of the screen. Shown above is my larger edition, while a smaller (poorly edited) edition shown on the right.

Tearaway: Why the PS Vita makes sense

If you haven't seen Tearaway, the game-to-have for the PS Vita, it was only released on the 22nd of November. It is one of the few games that completely utilize almost every feature of the Vita (if not every feature). You control the on-screen characters, in two ways. You use your fingers to manipulate the enviroment and then you move the character around the obstacles, trying to complete tasks. This may be the groundbreaking game to take the PS Vita back to the top (or to the top, the 3DS has done well). The hardware has aged, but so have the games. With the Vita being a good accessory to the PS4, I wouldn't find anything wrong with the marketing of some new games.
So, how will Tearaway fix the PS Vita in the market, and if it does, will the PS4 have any play in the sales?