Nexus 5 Released

  Hey bits! So this week the Nexus 5 was announced, and it sounds great. So a few hands on were shown at conferences and now are in peoples homes being used. But why are these phones different than the Nexus 4? Already being one of the best phones that run the original Android experience, the Nexus 4 had great competing specs in the market with a decent cost, but had fallen behind. The Nexus 5 is making the other $800 phones a run for their money, as it sells for $350 (16 GB model) unlocked. And if this doesn't already impress the reviewers, the specs do compete well even with the iPhone 5S (although it does have a bit of an edge on the Nexus 5, 64-bit and all) and Galaxy phone lineup. So would I recommend picking this up later this year for you or a family member? I would recommend a quick peek at what KitKat (Android 4.4) has to offer you. Hangouts replaces messages, every system app has changed in a form, and it is said to improve performance by almost double.