Install Android in Visual Studio

How to Install Android Marshmallow in a Virtual Machine

This tutorial requires Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 Pro/Enterprise. Any version with Hyper-V available.

Search "Turn Windows Features on or off" and run the program highlighted.
Find Hyper-V. Check the box next to it.
Press OK once it is checked!
Click Restart Now
Once you've rebooted, visit

Click Download the Emulator
Once the download is complete, double click the vs-emulator setup file.
Press Install and enter your login details if necessary.
Let it run for a while
Now click close
Search or run Visual Studio Emulator for Android (It's in your programs)
Click the arrow pointing down next to the 10.1" Marshmallow 6.0.0 XHDPI Tablet
It will take a little while, and it may ask for you to install a few more things, so just press yes or OK until the bar disappears.
Press the green arrow.
It may ask you to sign out first, so if you have any issues, Sign Out.

Reopen Visual Studio Emulator for Android and press the green arrow once again.
Press Retry if this alert appears.
Wham! You are now emulating Android Marshmallow.
Click the browser and check if everything works! 
You may notice that Google Play services like YouTube, Play Store, etc. aren't currently available.

Go to
Click (Direct Link)
Click Download
After making you wait for 30 seconds, press Click to Download. 
Gapps may take a while to download.

Drag the file into the Virtual Machine.

Press Install and shut down
Start back up the emulator and check all apps. You should see the Google Play store. Have fun with your new Android Marshmallow PC!



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