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Ransomware Decryption Database

Jigsaw crypto-ransomware (displayed above)

As ransomware has spread rapidly with Windows computers in the past few years, decryption programs and databases are necessary to get a good grasp on the current situation.

Below is a link to a developing database with decryption tools for things such as BitCryptor and CryptFile2. It gives the file extensions of the virus, the names, the encryption algorithm, pattern, and pictures of each. Hopefully this will be a useful resource to users in the future:

LINK TO THE DATABASE - This is maintained by @nyxbone

This initial list has been composed by Mosh @nyxbone


Florian Roth @cyb3rops
Bart @bartblaze
Michael Gillespie @demonslay335
Marcelo Rivero @MarceloRivero
Daniel Gallagher @DanielGallagher
Mosh @nyxbone
Katja Hahn @hahn_katja
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