Do not install WhoApp

   WhoApp is an application for iOS devices that has been publicized heavily recently, but there is more to the app than meets the eye. When you download it, the app will ask to access your contacts, information, and much more. Then, it will copy your data and release it onto the internet again for anyone else to see.

What this includes:
  • All of your phone contacts
    • Phone numbers
    • Emails
    • Addresses
    • Facebook accounts
    • Websites
    • Employer information
    • Notes
  • Location data
  • Contact pictures
   To make matters worse, if you decline a call, it will be transferred to WhoApp, not your voicemail account. If you're on a phone plan that charges per-call, it calls you back after every single phone call. When you answer a call from the app, you are using your data plan, not your phone plan, which can quickly run you over your data limit.

WhoApp's privacy policy:

"When you give WhoApp permission to do so, WhoApp accesses your mobile phone’s address book and collects the names, phone numbers, addresses and certain other information about your contacts ("Contact Information"). WhoApp incorporates Contact Information into a database that it maintains of all its users’ contacts (“Contacts Database “). When your Contact Information is incorporated into the Contacts Database, it is no longer linked or linkable back to you. The Contacts Database is used by WhoApp and by apps that are offered by the company that offers WhoApp (or its affiliates) to fulfill customers’ requests for service and to improve each app’s services for its customers. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOUR PHONE’S ADDRESS BOOK CONTAINS AN ENTRY FOR YOU, THAT INFORMATION WILL BE DOWNLOADED TO THE CONTACTS DATABASE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION."
   One of the app's reviewers claims to have recieved more unknown calls after installing the app, leading many to assume that your personal data (along with your contacts' data) is being sold to other sources, possibly trying to scam users.

Trojan horse?
by cariad33

 In the few days I had this app, I received more calls from numbers that I didn't recognize than I would in a whole year!!!! Coincidence? I don't think so.

  Thank you Reddit user /u/Marth5454 for pointing out this glaring issue. This app should not be allowed in any public app store.