How to Get Black Titlebars on Windows 10

   If you are like me and cannot stand the white title bars of Windows 10, than this tutorial will help you and your eyes. It takes 3 steps, and with a small bit of registry editing knowledge, it is quite simple.

1. Open regedit

2. Navigate to


and set SpecialColor (by double clicking it) to 010101. Then, open the Settings app and find the newcolor as the last entry under personalization. My custom color was in the bottom right corner.

(Click the image activate the GIF)

3. Navigate to


and set ColorPrevalence to 1 and AccentColor to 010101.

Right click, mouse over New, and click DWORD (32-bit). Name the new value AccentColorInactive and double click it, then type 444444 (or whichever color (in hex) you would like inactive title bars to be).

(Click the image activate the GIF)

Reboot! Everything should work immediately. Your eyes will be thanking you.

Credit: Reddit user /u/BatDogOnBatMobile 's comment here. He wrote the original instructions, I adapted them! He deserves credit for inspiring and instructing me on how to do this. Thank you!