Bit #3: If Slogans Were Honest

Bit #3: Welcome back to another bit of nonsense.

Taco Bell: Your toilet will hate it
Ram: You're not hauling anything
Ford: You think your going off road.
Chuck e Cheese: Got any change?
Library: Remember books?
Diet Coke: You think you're on a diet
Las Vegas: Enter with high hopes, leave with no money
Zynga: We made Farmville, so that's that.
Candy Crush: Your mother is addictided, and you probably are too
Flappy Bird: Your mother doesn't know what it is, and you probably do
Google: You seem to really like to google "Google"
NSA: You missed a call last night, don't worry, we got it.
Nintendo: We're your 80s and 90s childhood
Atari: Yes, we are still around
Nickeloden: We're not as good as we were
AMC: Everyone is always asleep or talking
McDonalds: You can't afford anything else, or don't care to pay
Skate City: Yes, your butt will hurt
Prision: Yes, your butt will hurt

Comment if you'd like to see more, the series has just begun

Tyler and Grant