Top 3 iOS Concepts

It is close to the next iOS announcement, and possibly a large improvement on iOS 7. A controversial topic was the icons of iOS 7, and many, including myself, hope that improvements can be made for the iPad interface as many apps aren't supported like Calculator and Weather, and many things feel stretched out and odd looking. The dock on the iPad and iPhone look the same, but an iPad looks odd and one background can't match the theme. Of course, these are just my opinions of iOS 7 and the interface.

What'd I would like fixed:

  • iOS Dock
  • Missing features on different devices
  • Slow animations
  • Sub-par icon design
Here are the top 3 concepts:

3. iOS 8 leaked, lol

      No, I'm not joking. What I take from this is a little more theme. I'd like a desktop feel for my iOS device. It isn't exactly as bugged as this concept, but a unified-experience between Mac OS X and iOS. Since the original iPhone, themes have been available for iPhone OS. It should be an option to customize your themes, and it would help Apple get sales and end another part of Jailbreaking. One of the flaws with a Jailbreak is the errors and broken phones caused from it. If Apple could create an integrated theming process and stop this, piracy and other illegal activities made available by Jailbreaking can end. Yes, jailbreaking can be fun, but their is a bad side.

2.  iOS 8 Infinity

   This concept shows an updated home interface and another concept for an iPhone 6. The sides may be a bit overdone, but the overall concept and display look very nice and modern. This isn't number 1 because of the difficulty to update all apps with support for the system and the requirement for physical hardware, giving me a bit of a struggle to find a good image of what it could be like on an iPad.

1.  Louie Mantia's iOS Icons

   This concept was done shortly after the announcement of iOS 7. These icons re-imagine the classic iOS icons with the new design philosophy of iOS 7. It remains the same, keeps a nice look throughout each app, and if the dock is done right, along with the shadows shown, the theme would look great on an iPad. 


  1. Thank you for this, I'm wanting to get my old machines running to give to the less fortunate. This helps!


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