Buying a 2DS and Pokemon

   Recently, I bought a 2DS. This was the day before the announcement of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I bought the 2DS at Best Buy when it was only $100 and along with a new copy of Pokemon Y. All of this was around $140, so I decided I could review the product on the site, but an announcement pushed me to delay this review until I can show off some gameplay of a view titles, and Omega Ruby had caught my interest. Yesterday, the "Pokemon" channel in Japan showcased a 30 second clip of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It shows Kyogre, a large whale-like creature in the world of Pokemon, emerging from the water and Groudon in a Volcano-like setting, him being the dinosaur-like creature in Pokemon. So when more games are announced, who knows how valuable a 2DS could become? The sales have been rather decent and it is the best selling Nintendo console right now, so if you have a chance, getting a 2DS would be a great decision for Pokemon fans.