NASA deep-space hibernation

What most people are wondering when they read the title of this post is “what is “deep-space hibernation”?”, well basically it’s the stuff you see in movies.
2001 a Space Odyssey
2001 a Space Odyssey
Hibernation Capsules
Some examples:
NASA’s reasons for pondering deep-space hibernation or cyrosleep or cyrostasis or anything you saw in a movie, are the symptoms of claustrophobia, anxiety,insomnia, and depression- plus many more. NASA has been looking at a few options and one proposed solution is to put these people into a state of hypothermia which will put them into torpor -a kind of hibernation. Instead of staying awake for years, astronauts or normal people at the rate of commercial transportation, will sleep until they reach their destination.
This may be familiar to science-fiction fans because of the extensive exploration in science-fiction movies. But instead of stepping into a tube to induce torpor ,NASA says torpor would induced via the RhinoChill- a device that uses invasive tubes to shoot cooling liquid up the nose and into the base of the brain.
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