Why Doctor Who is Still Around


Why the cult-classic was rebooted & how it will last another 50 years.

A few obvious reasons for this show's survival can be described in a range from the phenomenon of popularity, the mainstream attention by BBC, or a whole list of merchandise and easy identifiable characters that are easy to sell to an audience.

BBC is the dominant news provider and controller of TV in the UK, which makes it easy to show a new series off to a large audience. The first episode of Doctor Who was back in 1963, which can make heads turn when you think about it being over 50+ years old and stories are still be developed for it. The accessibility of the show has increased it's likelihood of running another 50 years, such as being on Netflix, the BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Hulu. The show has social media accounts and markets dedicated to it, making a huge socially. A dedicated fan base still follows the show. Merchandise is easy to sell due to the many iconic characters, catchphrases, and props in the show. Even if it was isolated to the UK, similar to early Doctor Who, the following is grand enough to provide plenty of money and independent projects for it go up all the time. Two examples:

http://www.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk/ and http://whoviannet.co.uk/

It wouldn't be hard to think of another 50 years with the show if the BBC kept it's dominance over British airways and with the hope that the interest in the show won't waver in the following years.