Download Any Windows ISO (7+) from Microsoft

Download Every Windows 7-10 ISO directly from Microsoft

Microsoft used to have official downloads for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, but they have all-but deleted any trace of them from their websites. WZor and Nummer, two well-known Windows hackers have created a piece of code that can be copied into your browser to download Windows ISO files straight from Microsoft. The only things you need are a web browser (in this tutorial, Chrome or Firefox) and an internet connection. Go to the Windows 10 ISO website and press Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+K on Firefox. Then copy the PasteBin code into the window that appears, and press enter.

PasteBin Code

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(Works with Windows 7 and above)

How To Download the ISO Files

Copy the PasteBin Code

Press Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome, and paste it in the window that appears. (Ctrl+Shift+K on Firefox)
Press Enter.
  • TechFleece's original article on the topic
  • WZor and Nummer for writing the code to make it possible
EDIT: PasteBin updated to have a cleaner-looking result. If you want the original, it is linked here.