Mac Mobile

Welcome to the first post of Fitzsimmons Weekly, and here I'm going to be showing you a concept of a new Mac idea I had thought up. A "Mac Mobile" would let the iPad users and Mac users have a bit more simplicity with their products and take out the need for the two devices. The idea behind it was to explain how Mac OS X Mavericks could function on a mobile device that could be a stand-alone tablet.

The Apple on the front of the Mac Mobile would function as a "home button" because if you were to tap it, the desktop would show. (you could arrange it to send you to a number of different places within OS X if you'd like)

The back and side of the Mac Mobile resembles a sort of iPad Mini / iPhone look and comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 lightning, and one ethernet. A Mag 2 connector allows charging and docking from the tablet. The gray plate at the bottom will extend to work as a kickstand on the go. The overview shows that the Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard works with the Mac Mobile and acts as a Matte Black backlit keyboard. 





and most other colors (green, blue, pink, yellow)


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