StormFly Review

StormFly is a product of Now Computing comes with a 1-year warranty (for the first to fly batch that is) and a 16/32 GB model of their portable-USB-wristband, (as I had recieved the 16 GB black edition) and comes in orange and black (16 GB and 32 GB) and an exclusive first-to-fly green (32 GB) edition. The kickstarter edition comes with "first to fly" printed on the back, in a nice looking modern typographic way. The box includes a quick set-up, warranty details, and a StormFly sticker. 

For what the product advertised, I will be giving it a 5/5. It runs Ubuntu great on even the low-end setups I have tested it on and its custom pieces help updates go fast and it setup in almost 5 minutes. This works beautifully and runs on almost anything, and I recommend snatching one yourself when they launch soon!


  1. Does it run on a Mac? Will you post a picture? Can you show some screen shots too? It looks awesome! Can you buy it in stores?

    1. I may get around to posting a few screenshots or videos, and it runs on almost all hardware sets (according to Now Computing) and was built and optimized for Macs and PCs. As of now, you may not get one in stores, but their site will notify you if you'd like to buy one soon.


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