Windows 8.1 Thoughts and Review

Windows 8.1 Review will be arriving soon and I hope it looks as good as it did i the //BUILD conference. Now I have backed up my PC I am hoping that this preview will be nice and screenshots and a review will be written on this post soon!

Windows 8.1 Review

I love the new interface and all of its polished features, and now have completely explored almost all of the new snap features (which I love!) and now can say Windows 8 is ready to become a real, finished working Windows version. It is the 7 to vista. Now I have taken a few screenshots and I have to give this update a 4.5/5 because I would've liked more options on how the start button behaves.

My Start Screen on Windows 8.1
Daft Punk in the new Search App
Calculator New App
New Snap half-n-half feature
Bind Food & Drink New App

New PC Settings App

Where to Buy:
Free for Windows 8 Users and evaluation for non-8 Users