How to use SheepShaver on Windows 10

   So you've found yourself wanting to emulate classic PowerPC Mac OS and can't put the pieces together on how it is to work? Here's the guide you need. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to run Mac OS 9.0.4 in SheepShaver, although other versions work. Just substitute the ROM.

SheepShaver supports Mac OS 7.5.2-9.0.4.

1. Download SheepShaver from the official form post. It will be a zip file named if you download it before the next update. This is a testing build, however, I have found it to work better than any of the ones from 4+ years prior.

Extract this zip file and copy SheepShaver.exe, you will need it after the next step.

Scroll down in the same forum post and download the starting files (this will be another zip archive).

3. Extract the and replace the SheepShaver.exe inside of that folder with the one downloaded in Step 1.

Inside this zip file there is a SheepShaver folder, extract the zip archive and open the folder.
Here I extracted the folder and replaced the old SheepShaver.exe with the one we downloaded in step 1.
Here's how it should look if everything is correct. When clicking SheepShaver, it should show "Cannot open ROM file".

Install GTK +2 Runtime as SheepShaver GUI requires it. - Link

Just follow the instructions and you will be good!
5. Download the Mac OS 9.0.4 ROM from WinWorldPC. It will be in 7zip format, so you will need to install 7zip if you don't have it already. Drop it in the SheepShaver folder.

6. Download the New World PPC ROM and drop it in the SheepShaver folder.

7. Rename the ROM files to maximize compatibility. 

newworld86.rom -> Mac_OS_ROM

Mac_OS_ROM -> Mac_OS_ROM_backup

8. Set the Mac_OS_ROM and 9.0.4 ISO to Read-only.

Right click, go to Properties, then check Read-only, then click OK.

9. Open SheepShaver.exe in the SheepShaver folder and click Create...

10. Create the Mac OS 9 hard drive file. The size is in megabytes, and can be a maximum of 2 GB or 2000 MB. The name of the file is initially blank, so name it macos9.hfv.

After everything is filled out, click OK.
The new virtual hard drive file should appear.
11. Click Add... and then click Apple MacOS 9.0.4.iso, then press OK.

12. (OPTIONAL) Go to the Graphics/Sound tab first and change a few settings. I set the Width as 1024 and the Height as 768, then also changed the refresh rate to Dynamic. This will make it a little larger and appear higher quality.

13. Go to Memory/Misc and allocate 256+ MB of RAM, then click Browse... and select the Mac_OS_ROM file. Then click OK.

14. Press Start in the bottom left of the SheepShaver GUI. You should get the Mac OS startup message and then this prompt.

15. Initialize the disk and you're ready to go!

If you want more disks, use the Add... function in SheepShaver GUI to add more disk images.

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