10,000 Pageviews, Thanks to you!

We've opened in June! 7 months ago today, we had not even opened. Now, to do the math, not counting big days of news or increases, 1,428 pageviews happen a month. To get to 26,000, by this average, it will take 11 months before we can reach the goal, now with your help, we could be building a base sooner than we think!

Today, Fitzsimmons Weekly passed the 10,000 view mark. Thank you to everyone who has helped get this developing source to where it is today. Although 10,000 may seem like a small number for views, we hope soon to pass 26,000 views within the next 8 or 9 months. On December 22nd, 823 pageviews happened. Almost 1/10th of the total ammount! Almost 200 pageviews have happened today alone, with a fairly small ammount of updates so far. Thank you all for the support! If we get to that golden number, we can find sponsors and build a sales base to fund the site.