Tearaway: Why the PS Vita makes sense

If you haven't seen Tearaway, the game-to-have for the PS Vita, it was only released on the 22nd of November. It is one of the few games that completely utilize almost every feature of the Vita (if not every feature). You control the on-screen characters, in two ways. You use your fingers to manipulate the enviroment and then you move the character around the obstacles, trying to complete tasks. This may be the groundbreaking game to take the PS Vita back to the top (or to the top, the 3DS has done well). The hardware has aged, but so have the games. With the Vita being a good accessory to the PS4, I wouldn't find anything wrong with the marketing of some new games.

A PS Vita paired to a PS4
So, how will Tearaway fix the PS Vita in the market, and if it does, will the PS4 have any play in the sales?