Android Wear: First Look

Android Wear: First Look

   Android Wear was announced yesterday, and it is a whole new operating system by Google. Above, I show an image found on the developer site showing the "Ok Google" function on a square smartwatch. Multiple editions of the OS are available for different shaped watches. Apps developed for one system are universally compatible with other devices running Android Wear. Text is made centered so it will be visible through the square and circle displays. Google will release their own smartwatch soon some sources report, and the operating system looks promising as Samsung and other third parties continue to design sub-par operating systems to be compatible with their devices, but Google seems to want to put a stop to the limited compatibility. When the SDK is released, a better understanding of communication with other devices will be shown off in app development. A few apps are already compatible, such as Hangouts, maps, and most apps with notifications. 

   Apps are easy to design by the looks of it. The text is centered and the image is shown on the top portion of the screen. The visibility is easy to see with a circle display and a square. The Moto 360 is a new smart watch that will be released soon with the Android Wear operating system and circle display, while others like the Galaxy Gear 2 run a custom OS made by the developers. Soon enough, the rooting community hopes that they can port the new Android Wear operating system to the Gear.


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