Nintendo Updates - March 2014

March 2014

   Welcome to the first month of our Nintendo Update section. Here we talk about new developments in Nintendo products, game titles, or characters that have made news recently.

(3/27/14) Ubisoft Sale on the Nintendo eShop:

Right now, most Ubisoft games are 50% off on the Nintendo eShop. Rayman, Rayman Origins, Zombie U, ESPN Sports, Rayman Legends, and much more. Wii U and 3DS titles are currently having the prices sliced in half while a few games are left in the dust. Almost every title is a 2012 or newer game, meaning the graphics are standing with some of the best looking games for the 3DS and a launch title for the Wii U.

March 24, 9:00 A.M. PT - March 31, 8:59 A. M. PT

(3/20/14) Pokemon X and Y is free, with a purchase:

 Pokemon X and Y will be free to anyone who purchases a 3DS, 2DS, or 3DS XL and a game from now until March 31st. This may save some money and for anyone in the market for a portable the deal may give the final push to own a 3DS. According to the promotional website, the offer has a $39.99 value. The largest issue with the offer is the requirement to buy a new system and a game, while a $149.99 2DS packed with Pokemon X and Y is already available.

(3/19/14) Diance will be the first event-only legendary:

  Diance will be available soon to X and Y players and is the only legendary to only be avaliable through an event. Like in previous games some legendaries were exclusive to an event, but they were also Pokemon from previous generations. Diance is all-new and event-only. So far, no dates or details other than this and the level and health points have been given. Diance will have 125 HP and be a level 50 Pokemon when caught.