Call Of Duty: World Championships Result!

Call of Duty competitive team, Complexity, Won $1 Million!

by Brock Bila

   Call Of Duty has been hosting a tournament for 2 years now for Call Of Duty players, and 2014 is no different. The 32 finalists will compete on the Xbox One version of Call of Duty Ghosts, hoping to take home the top prize of  $1 million. This is some mad cash. Faze and Optic are some of the most known teams out there. But in the end Complexity won! Optic went out in the semi-finals.

   Ghost has not been a hot game. When it was came out, it was the latest and greatest thing to buy. Ghosts tried to hard on its features like creating your own character, the iOS and Android apps, leaning and all of the other details, but as the game went on, a DLC came out and the game got better. All of my friends and the friends of those friends said that the game isn't what it could have been. You have to think of how "real" it  is I say. They added moving objects around, which is a great and new thing to come to the Call of Duty franchise. I think this game is the start of greatness for the series.

   Patrick Price is the captain of the Complexity Call of Duty team, and he has been playing Call of Duty since the original released on Xbox. Ian Porter, another member, had his start in Call of Duty 4 after discovering that he didn't like Halo 3. Tyler Polchow was a friend of Patrick. He won two championships in Black Ops 2 with him. Damo Barlow is the fourth player of Complexity, and holds the team together.